Friday Feature: I LOVE these articles, Can You Relate To This, A Few More Engagement Photos, & I Need Your Recommendations!

Happy Friday! This week kinda flew by for me - anyone else feel this way? We’ve got nothing on the schedule this weekend and I’m pretty excited. I’m getting in my LAST 14 miler before Vegas this morning (I have 10 miles on the schedule next weekend) so the weekend will be filled with some easy runs and hopefully lots of time spent in my pjs enjoying all the caffeine I can get before I cut out caffeine until race day (to get the extra boost from caffeinated gels) starting on Monday morning (less than 2 weeks out from race day).

I’ll miss you, coffee.


This is also the last weekend that Alex and I will spend together until after Vegas - he’s got a boys weekend next Sat/Sun and then has a work trip (arriving the day that I leave for Vegas…coincidence? I think not… ; ) ….), so I’m sure we’ll do something fun like watching the Red Sox in the world series in our pj’s!

I came across two really great articles in Women’s Health this week and wanted to share them with you:

This article gave me chills about this women’s MS diagnosis. I cannot even imagine being 25 and experiencing everything that she went through to finally find out that she has MS. Reading things like this continue to remind me how truly grateful I am to be able to walk, run, and explore the outdoors. You never know what tomorrow can bring.

This article explaining how using a genetic test like 23andme can give you insight into your possibility of having such autoimmune diseases, like MS. I haven’t done one of these tests yet, but thinking it will be going on my Christmas Wish-list!

This Runner’s World article with Des Linden is everything. I’m really hoping that we see an American Women’s podium sweep, but have no preference on who comes out on top. I love them all.

Also this is 100% accurate. Pretty sure my outfit will consist of some type of leggings and either a sweatshirt or sweater. I actually pre-ordered a Turkey this year, so no chicken on Thanksgiving for us!


We got a few more photos from our engagement shoot:


SO I need your recommendations for my next race in a new state! Here are the states that I’ve currently been to and I’m hoping for something relatively close to CO in early Spring. Most likely a half marathon distance - GIVE ME YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS!


Next race state- what should it be and any race recommendations?

What would you do today if you KNEW you would lose your ability to walk tomorrow? ——> Go for a really, really long trail run and explore something completely new-to-me.

Pick your top three podium finishers for NYC Marathon womens and mens? —-> I’m going with Shalene, Des, and Allie Kieffer! But also really love Molly Huddle

Mountain Madness RECAP & Some Random Photos For You!

Happy Friday-eve! I'm still on that recovery mode, so maybe I'll get in 6 miles later today or maybe I won't! This week is all about recovery and not pushing myself so next week I can really kick it in to training for Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Marathon! I've got my Mountain Madness Half Marathon Recap up for you HERE. 

I've also got a few random photos for you. 

Stella & Maple have really started to bond lately. Also it's so cute how Maple is SUPER cuddly first thing in the morning, but later in the day --> she wants NOTHING to do with us! 


Meditation has been going REALLY well lately. I missed a few days last week (thanks to race-day craziness), but I think it's helped keep me more mindful and present rather than focusing either on the past or future. I love this saying too. 


Kitten cuddles because why not?


These frozen salmon burgers are SO tasty. Plus with a side of spinach salad & sourdough toast --> yummmmm. 


Also- Maple & Brady have gotten SO BIG. They're basically grown-up already and I can't believe they turn ONE next month! Ugh. I want them to go back to being cute, cuddly kittens. 


Anyone a fan of frozen burgers? --> normally I'm not, but those salmon ones are delicious. 

I've Been Slacking & My Foam Rolling Buddy

I'm not sure if it's because I now have more time that I've let my schedule get too flexible or if I'm recuperating from my hectic week last week, but I've seriously been slacking on justtt about everything. Paid my bills the day they were due (normally I'm a day or two early), I've taken two showers this week after my runs where I've only given myself 5 minutes to shower/ dress/ get to work (i.e. definitely not enough time), I haven't scheduled my blog posts like I normally do, and social media posts are just all over the place this week. Oh well, I'm just really looking forward to getting my *ish together this weekend. 

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I really really wish that having a desk bed at work was a thing like it was on Seinfeld for George because I could really use one today. I did 10.15 trail miles last night at an easy recovery pace (first trail run of the season & also had to post-hole through the snow at one point completely losing the trail for a bit) and did 13 miles this morning with 10 miles at goal marathon pace => 23.15 miles within 12 hours and I'm exhausted! I was already so sore from pilates yesterday, so knew that this mornings run would be painful no matter what, so I just went out and did it. Ironically, it honestly felt like those last few miles of marathon where everything hurts A LOT and your legs are dead. So, on the bright side I guess it was good practice. 


Also had the cutest and most cuddly foam rolling buddy this morning at 5am before I left for my run. Brady looks cute here, but in actuality- he was scheming to attack my arm just a few seconds naughty (but we still love them oh so much). 

How's your week going? 

What are you looking forward to most this weekend? --> sleeping in two days in a row. *thank goodness!!*

Easing into a new training plan

Are you thinking about beginning a new training plan to crush your next race? Did you think about what you should do to ease into that new training plan or are you just planning to 'jump' right into it?


Jumping into training plans is one of the number one causes for injuries! So many runners take a look at new race training plan and think 'that seems doable' and just forget about those weeks leading up to it. It's never a good idea to jump into a 20 mile week 1 training plan, if you've only built up to 10 mile weeks. 


I always like to add in 2-to-3 weeks of build-up, before beginning a new training plan. The build-up weeks don't need to be anything too crazy and it doesn't even have to include any speed workouts or goal-paced runs because you are just working on increasing mileage (it's never a good idea to introduce more than one or two 'new' things each week of training cycle). I.E. --> if you introduce 3 new miles that week and a goal-paced workout, then there's no room for also adding in a speed workout. It's all about BALANCE. 


I love to make my own calendars or keep track of my training runs on an excel doc! It helps me notice if I'm increasing my mileage too much each week or if I miss a few days from nagging injuries or being sick, I know that I will need to ease into training that next week (not just right back in full-bore). If you're able to reflect on your training each week, it will also help your MENTAL prep! I love to look back on my past training runs and remember those runs that I totally ROCKED- helps build up my confidence on my race day plan (or re-assess if things didn't go so well during training). 


PS HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Are you celebrating tonight, eating candy, or turning your lights off and pretending like no one is home? ->I will be eating some candy, watching my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, and not dressing up #adulting 


What techniques do you use to ease back into a training plan?

Do you use a calendar or journal for writing down some notes on each run/ training day?