I've Been Slacking & My Foam Rolling Buddy

I'm not sure if it's because I now have more time that I've let my schedule get too flexible or if I'm recuperating from my hectic week last week, but I've seriously been slacking on justtt about everything. Paid my bills the day they were due (normally I'm a day or two early), I've taken two showers this week after my runs where I've only given myself 5 minutes to shower/ dress/ get to work (i.e. definitely not enough time), I haven't scheduled my blog posts like I normally do, and social media posts are just all over the place this week. Oh well, I'm just really looking forward to getting my *ish together this weekend. 

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I really really wish that having a desk bed at work was a thing like it was on Seinfeld for George because I could really use one today. I did 10.15 trail miles last night at an easy recovery pace (first trail run of the season & also had to post-hole through the snow at one point completely losing the trail for a bit) and did 13 miles this morning with 10 miles at goal marathon pace => 23.15 miles within 12 hours and I'm exhausted! I was already so sore from pilates yesterday, so knew that this mornings run would be painful no matter what, so I just went out and did it. Ironically, it honestly felt like those last few miles of marathon where everything hurts A LOT and your legs are dead. So, on the bright side I guess it was good practice. 


Also had the cutest and most cuddly foam rolling buddy this morning at 5am before I left for my run. Brady looks cute here, but in actuality- he was scheming to attack my arm just a few seconds later...so naughty (but we still love them oh so much). 

How's your week going? 

What are you looking forward to most this weekend? --> sleeping in two days in a row. *thank goodness!!*