Friday Feature: I LOVE these articles, Can You Relate To This, A Few More Engagement Photos, & I Need Your Recommendations!

Happy Friday! This week kinda flew by for me - anyone else feel this way? We’ve got nothing on the schedule this weekend and I’m pretty excited. I’m getting in my LAST 14 miler before Vegas this morning (I have 10 miles on the schedule next weekend) so the weekend will be filled with some easy runs and hopefully lots of time spent in my pjs enjoying all the caffeine I can get before I cut out caffeine until race day (to get the extra boost from caffeinated gels) starting on Monday morning (less than 2 weeks out from race day).

I’ll miss you, coffee.


This is also the last weekend that Alex and I will spend together until after Vegas - he’s got a boys weekend next Sat/Sun and then has a work trip (arriving the day that I leave for Vegas…coincidence? I think not… ; ) ….), so I’m sure we’ll do something fun like watching the Red Sox in the world series in our pj’s!

I came across two really great articles in Women’s Health this week and wanted to share them with you:

This article gave me chills about this women’s MS diagnosis. I cannot even imagine being 25 and experiencing everything that she went through to finally find out that she has MS. Reading things like this continue to remind me how truly grateful I am to be able to walk, run, and explore the outdoors. You never know what tomorrow can bring.

This article explaining how using a genetic test like 23andme can give you insight into your possibility of having such autoimmune diseases, like MS. I haven’t done one of these tests yet, but thinking it will be going on my Christmas Wish-list!

This Runner’s World article with Des Linden is everything. I’m really hoping that we see an American Women’s podium sweep, but have no preference on who comes out on top. I love them all.

Also this is 100% accurate. Pretty sure my outfit will consist of some type of leggings and either a sweatshirt or sweater. I actually pre-ordered a Turkey this year, so no chicken on Thanksgiving for us!


We got a few more photos from our engagement shoot:


SO I need your recommendations for my next race in a new state! Here are the states that I’ve currently been to and I’m hoping for something relatively close to CO in early Spring. Most likely a half marathon distance - GIVE ME YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS!


Next race state- what should it be and any race recommendations?

What would you do today if you KNEW you would lose your ability to walk tomorrow? ——> Go for a really, really long trail run and explore something completely new-to-me.

Pick your top three podium finishers for NYC Marathon womens and mens? —-> I’m going with Shalene, Des, and Allie Kieffer! But also really love Molly Huddle

MS Monday- Guest Post

Happy Monday! Today my mom wrote a post about how MS has affected her and the view of the disease through her eyes. I'm so fortunate that she agreed to write this post and was so strong to share her thoughts with us. 


I have experienced a loss. My family experienced a loss. Our community experienced a loss. My father experienced the ultimate loss. Multiple Sclerosis is responsible for every one of these losses.

First, by having his mobility taken away a little bit at a time, my father wasn’t able to continue to do the things that made him who he was every day. He lost his “person”. It’s what makes everyone of us the individual that we are today. He worked with his hands on everything. He was a mobile person, always in motion.

Dad’s day job was a Fork-Lift driver at a wood mill. I remember riding with him on the Fork-lift sometimes after school when I would catch a ride home with him. He was impressive to watch. The Fork-Lift would almost glide across the lot, maybe he was showing off just for me but I thought he was pretty cool. The smell of the wood mill is something you never forget. Whenever I pass by a fresh-cut woodlot or a wood mill (not many left) I always have the memory flash of hanging out at Dad’s work.

He wasn’t much of a reader, unless you count the tool catalogs that he would scour for the next best thing that he would use in the garage. He also was the original Uncle Henry’s shopper (think before Craigslist). Every Sunday morning was spent listening to the “swap shop” on a local radio station where people would call in with things for sale. I don’t even remember if he ever bought anything or not but he sure did like the thrill of the “hunt”. I can identify with this and find myself scouring E-Bay for bargains.

My dad was a driving fiend. He loved to drive anytime, anywhere. He wasn’t the biggest fan of the Interstate or big cities though. My childhood is filled with memories of Sunday drives, camping trips, and outings throughout New England.  He liked to explore and experience new places. Especially if food was involved, he liked to eat out (but who doesn’t).           

As we get older, we have to make changes to our daily routines because physical limitations make us adjust to where we are today. However, when MS decides when you are going to have to make these changes it is frustrating to the person.

I know my dad was frustrated when he first started having walking issues but I don’t really remember a time when he curled up in a ball and stopped fighting. It would have been so easy to just stop doing things but he continued to fight.

At first, using a cane to help him get around and gradually moving into a wheelchair but he still kept going back to the garage and tinkering. He was so patient with his disability, I don’t think I would have been able to be that patient. He had his days when it would get a little overwhelming but honestly, I think he just took it in stride and kept on keepin’ on. Looking back now, I’m surprised he didn’t complain more. I guess everyone has their pain-threshold and tolerance-threshold, well, his was pretty strong.

So, I started with what has been lost but I find that I want to focus on what I have been given instead. I am a lucky girl, to have had my dad for as long as I did and for everything that he gave me that makes me who I am today. Multiple Sclerosis will never take my memories of him.


THANK YOU to the moon and back mom, you are so brave. 


MS Monday- What Running 175 Miles Means To Me

Happy Martin Luther King Jr day! I love these holidays to use time to reflect on all of the amazing things they said and did for our country. He was truly a special man. 


No Mountain Monday?!? Yes, that's RIGHT! I have switched Mondays temporarily over to MS Mondays to help shed some spotlight on my MS Run The US relay segment and wanted to share today what being a relay runner for those 175 miles means to me. 


Running 175 miles actually seems pretty crazy to me and I'M the one having to do it come May 22nd! I know that when the time comes, I'll be able to do it because being chosen as one of the 18 relay runners means everything to me.

It means that I'm a runner, I'm strong, I'm fearless, I'm running for my grandfather, I'm capable of doing hard things, I can overcome a challenge, I can climb mountains, and I'm able to do all of these things with the support of my family and friends. 

I will finally be able to showcase just how much running for those who can't means to me when my start line comes. Each mile that is added to my count will be dedicated to someone else who has an impact on my life (a runner or maybe a non-runner), but someone who has pushed me to begin at this start line and inspired me. 

I love to rely on a list of those who have had a meaningful impact in my life when I'm in the middle of a hard training run or in those hard miles of a marathon. What keeps you motivated when the going gets tough? 

SO, my list (I'm going to start compiling it because a list of 175 people is a BIG one) will definitely be one way where I'll be able to pay tribute those people who have helped me get to my start line healthy, happy, and STRONG. 

I think it's also kind of weird to say that this is 'my redemption' because I'm not really redeeming myself from anything, but it kind-of feels that way. I'm still in this stage in my life where I'm trying to build myself up without having necessary 'titles' or 'physical things' or 'experiences' to back-me-up and rely on more of my self-worth, so hopefully realizing this and moving forward will help me with that. It's great that I am able to put this on my resume, but that is honestly not why I'm drawn to doing this relay or running all those miles. I want to use this as an opportunity to speak out about Multiple Sclerosis and how it tried to shatter our family, but instead brought us closer together; and also use this as an opportune time to commemorate my grandfather for the wonderful and strong person that he was. 

So, with that I leave you and ask, what brought you to running or your favorite sport and what continues to propel you to push forward with it?

Who do you run/hike/walk/bike/train for?

Would you ever run 175 miles over 7 days?!

Friday Feature- The Running Items That Are On My List & Managing MS

Happy Friday! I got to sleep in this morning and have the full day off! I always love to go for a run in the mid-morning when I have the day off, but it's a bit chilly here so thinking I'll wait until this afternoon. My foot had been feeling a bit of numbness/tingling, but I've been icing/ epsom salt bath soaking/ stretching/ massaging it and it feels way better. So I'm not really sure how far I'll run today, but if I could get anywhere between 8-10 (my long run today since it will snow tomorrow) I'll be happy. If I start to get pain anywhere then I'll just call it and take it day-by-day. 


Does anyone else have the day off? Are you traveling anywhere? They said that many parts of the US are under winter weather advisories this weekend, so hoping you have safe travels if you do have somewhere to go! We will hopefully be taking advantage of the first (finally) snowstorm of the year and going skiing! yay! We are also planning on doing some chinese food either on Christmas Eve or Day and who knows what else the weekend has in store. 

There are definitely a few items that I have on my running wish-list this year/ what I would love to have for future training runs (note: no posts are sponsored- just my own opinions here!):

  • Tracer360- Nox Gear  - This is definitely one that I know is so important and necessary for early morning/ evening runners to have. It's gotten amazing reviews and many runners say how well it works for oncoming traffic to see you. 
  • Rabbit Runner Girl Emoji Tank  - I think this tank is SO cute and have been dying to try the Rabbit running gear, plus the runner girl emoji is so amazing. 


  • Erica Sara Designs Running NecklaceI've loved all her pieces for years and love how she is still a small business (love supporting small entrepreneurs). 
  • IPod ShuffleI know this is definitely an 'old school' item, but it's so small and perfect for when you're out on your really long runs and not wanting to carry your phone (or it dies). Would be great for ultra runners or relay runners! I know it's been discontinued, but looks like there still may be a few out there either on Ebay or Wal mart/ Target !
  • Oiselle Spandos CaprisThese are super pricy (although they are on sale right now...), but they are just so cute and unique! 


  • Brooks Ghost 10sBecause you can never really go wrong with running shoes. Also I'd love 5 more pairs of Ghost 10s (I seem to go through sneakers every few months and this would get me through a year or so...)
  • Stabilgear STABILicersRunning on snow/ ice is definitely a must if you live in the mountains and want to run outside in the winter, so these are a necessity (plus they look like they have great spikes/ traction)


  • Race Entries Fees- This one is pretty general, but I don't think you would meet a runner who wouldn't have at least one race for 2018 that they want to sign up for (but it may be pretty pricey). I've got three on my list....

Also just wanted to continue my series on Multiple Sclerosis and share with you a few tips that the National MS Society lists for those living with MS/ how they can manage it with diet/nutrition:

  • Diets low in Saturated Fats & high in omega-3s & omega-6s are recommended
  • Vitamin D is important
  • Biotin can help
  • Additional supplements can help


What's on your running wish-list?

Know someone who has used diet/ nutrition to help manage their MS?

Happy Holidays friends!