Happy Memorial Day! The best day to kick-off summer with cook-outs, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. I hope you have the BEST day. I’ll be having a pretty grand day because I DID IT!


I’ve got my 50 miler race recap here for you.

I may have also bought out the entire Rite Aid with blister band-aids. Sorry if you needed some.


Have a fantastic day!

Exploring And Eugene Marathon Race Recap

You can find my Eugene Marathon Race Recap HERE.

You know when you’re on vacation and are thoroughly confused as to what day it is? Yeah. That’s me. Writing this on a Tuesday, but it kinda feels like a Friday? IDK. At least we have this lovely view to look out at (no matter what day it is).


We also visited the Sea Lion Caves and they were so AMAZING. It was pretty incredible to be able to see the Sea Lions in their natural habitat as opposed to being in a zoo. I thought that the entire area was really well-done and didn’t seem to be disrupting the natural environment of the coastline.


I’m bridging my training from marathon to 50-miler and it’s been really nice to just throw paces out the window. As long as I get the mileage in, I’m not too worried about how long it took me. I’ve been doing a run/walk to transition and allow my body to recover from the race (alternating 3 min run with 2 min walk) and will probably continue to do some version of this through the rest of this week. Also doing some more incline walking on the treadmill to get my Glutes ready for the Mt. Washington Road Race next month!

Don’t forget to check out my Eugene Marathon Race Recap HERE.


Happy Thursday! We’re off on our yurt trip and I’ll recap it tomorrow, but just wanted to share some exciting news with you. I’m officially a Bib Rave Pro!

BibRave-Badge-1 (1).png

I am SO EXCITED to join this amazing community of other runners, rate and review races, test out new brands, and learn from others along the way. I’ve always felt so isolated when living in a small Colorado Mountain Town, but this is just one of the organizations that I’m a part of that I know will help me feel ‘connected’ with other runners! Whether it’s communicating with them via social media, hearing their thoughts on products/races, and meetups during races! I can’t wait.


I also thought it would be fun to know your thoughts on the following below:


Long run OR Speed Work

5k OR Marathon

Destination OR Hometown Race

Big OR Small Race

Solo OR Group Run

Headphones OR No-Headphones

Podcast OR Music

Beach OR Mountain Run

Trails OR Roads