Loco Marathon Training RUNdown Week 11: 10/7-10/13

It was a BUSY week last week and I finally got a bit of a break this past Monday/Tuesday from schoolwork/ working/ commuting/running. It was MUCH needed. Last week was my big ‘peak week’ before the marathon! It’s so crazy to me how quickly the past 13 weeks have gone and it’s even crazier to me how well-executed it went! This is my first race that I actually ‘marathon trained specifically for’ in over 2 years and I’m really excited to see how well I can execute this race coming up! It’s all about recovery, rest, and mainly easy miles from here until race day. Let’s recap last week’s 55 miles! Also side note: I’m really excited that I can finally start to put my hair up in a nice bun on top of my head again- it’s been so long!

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Monday, 10/7: 1 mile warm up / 12 x 400m (400 R) (7:20/ 6:59/ 7:05/ 7:22/ 7:01/ 7:07/ 6:59/ 6:54/ 7:21/ 7:07/7:06/ 7:04)/ 1 mile cool down & strength


Tuesday, 10/8: 6 easy miles 9:40 pace


Wednesday, 10/9: 7 easy miles at 9:59 pace & strength


Thursday, 10/10: 20 miles! Executed well with a negative split and a fast 800 at mile 19 of the run.


Friday, 10/11: 2 mile hike with Stella! Rest day otherwise.


Saturday, 10/12: 7 easy miles at 9:56 pace after working all day. Woof. That was hard.


Sunday, 10/13: 7 easy morning miles before another full workday



-Anyone else in the taper right now or coming up on peak week? How’re you feeling? Have the ‘taper crazies’ hit you yet?!?

Loco Marathon Training RUNdown Week 10: 9/30-10/6

Running a day late for this post, but here we are! Last week was extremely busy and stressful in almost every aspect of my life, so I was grateful that it was a ‘cut-back’ week in regards to running. I was very thankful to get in those runs because they helped my stress, but also happy that it took less time than other weeks.

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Monday, 9/30- 2 x 2 mile repeats (paces: 7:46, 8:36, 8:26, 7:45) and strength


Tuesday, 10/1- 5 easy miles at 10:04 pace


Wednesday, 10/2- 30 minutes elliptical and strength

Thursday, 10/3- 10 easy miles at 10:00 pace


Friday, 10,4- 10 easy miles at 10:22 pace and strength


Saturday, 10/5- 4.14 easy miles at 10:52 pace

Sunday, 10/6- Rest Day

Total Miles: 35.4 miles

Total Elevation: 1, 063’ up

Loco Marathon Training RUNdown Week 8: 9/16-9/22

We’re almost a month out from my marathon! I’ve got 2 more 20 milers left on the schedule, then we will be in the taper! It’s crazy to think just how close I am to running my 8th marathon?!? I’ve been really enjoying my own ‘self-made’ training plan this time around and am hoping that it will get me to the start line feeling stronger and more prepared than ever (only time will tell).

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This last week was a cut-back week for mileage and I fit in my half marathon by taking a few extra rest days and cross training days instead of running all the miles. It felt good to mentally step-back for a minute, get in a long run in a race-format, and recover well post-race.

Monday, 9/16: 1 mile warmup/ 2 x 3 mile repeats (8:10 & 7:59 avgs)/ 1 mile cool down -> 9 miles total


Tuesday, 9/17: 5 miles easy post-clinical shift

Wednesday, 9/18: strength training & 20 minutes on the bike!


Thursday, 9/19: 6 miles easy


Friday, 9/20: Rest day

Saturday, 9/21: 7 miles & 13.13 race miles!


Sunday, 9/22: Rest Day

Total Miles: 40.2 miles

Total elevation: 873’ up