Feature Friday: Sky Runner Book Review, I'm Sensing A Theme Here, And Currently I'm...

Happy Friday! Finally right? I really loved the recovery week last and sleeping in, but getting back into a routine this week has been ROUGH. I also blame the patriots and Adam Levine for subjecting me to his bare stomach. Why did I ever think he was good looking?


It’s been a super snowy week here, so this morning will be my third run this week on the treadmill. I’m very grateful for the new treadmill at the gym that tells me my elevation gain (so important for my 50 miler in May that has lots of rolling hills!). I honestly feel that running on a treadmill at incline makes me so much stronger come spring. Another take-away from being indoors more- I’ve had more time to do things like yoga and now apparently, cat yoga.


I can’t remember if I posted this already, but obsessed with this maple syrup that Alex’s friend from Maine bought us. It only has two ingredients, Maple & Sea Salt (since maple can caramelize). You can find the company here.


Stella begs for most things food-related and also has the puppy-eyes down pat.


I’m already well-into my next read and LOVING it. It’s nice to change-up my usual non-fiction and bibliography reads to fiction every once in a while.


Also watched this documentary the other night on YouTube and I had dreams that I ran up and down the mile-long hill by my house all night. Ha. That was fun.

I just finished Sky Runner by Emelie Forsberg. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Forsberg before picking up this book (which I also just picked up because the photos looked really amazing). It was a really quick read (i.e. it took me 3 days I think?) and included so many beautiful photos. I’m sure that the language barrier contributed to the lack of text in the book, but it had more of a “look book” feel rather than a full “reading book” (I know that’s not that correct term, but just go with it!). It was fun to read about a few of her running journeys, but I had trouble relating to her story. Overall, just not really my thing, but still fantastic information and photos in there!


Ever watched any documentaries on YouTube? —> I have a few more on my list that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while and will probably stream one this morning when I’m on the treadmill (thinking the Breaking 2 project!)

Favorite genre to read? —> Non-Fiction or Bibliographies are my jam.

Thoughts on the halftime show at the Superbowl?

Feature Friday: Running Fog And 100 DAYS!

Happy Friday! What an insanely stressful week. Work for me is honestly so overwhelming that I don’t look forward to going in most days. I know it will pass, but wow does it make me even more grateful for my runs and time at home to relax. Also reading something funny like this really helps.


My runs have also felt just funky this week. Nothing bad (per se), just harder than normal. Which I know I’ve got to factor in the marathon/ ultra training fatigue, crazy amount of ice/ snow I’ve had to run through, and treadmill mental toughness I’ve also been faced with. I’ve got an easy 8 miles this morning on the treadmill (because running on the roads when it’s snowing is not something I do—> I think it’s too dangerous with cars potentially not seeing you/ going off the road trying to go around you/ snowplows) and then am so excited to get a massage this afternoon!

I’m trying to do more ‘pamper yourself’ things lately since I have been so stressed. They really have given me something to look forward to (besides my runs each day too)! Very grateful to be able to afford such luxuries at the moment. Also views like this on my run yesterday morning was pretty spectacular.


We’ve gotten SO MUCH SNOW lately and more is coming today/tonight. Trying to decide between hibernating tomorrow or going skiing? Hmmm…tough decisions living in such a beautiful place.


Stella has the puppy eyes down pat by now (she’s 10 yrs old), but she really took it to a new level last night. She hates ‘lying down’ when we’re eating, so this was a nice ‘half up/ half down’ compromise. Ha.


I also have a few random thoughts for you before the weekend begins:

I definitely need this right?! Looks SO GOOD!


Also we’re down to LESS THAN 100 DAYS!

  • I want everything from the new Spring Collection from Oiselle. Why couldn’t I just win the lottery?!


When’s your next race?!

Favorite way to ‘pamper yourself’?

Favorite way to de-stress?

Tips for getting out of a running fog?

Feature Friday: An Ode To Running In The Cold

Happy Friday! Finally. This week has definitely dragged on and I’m ready for the weekend! We may try to go skiing at Winter Park tomorrow (I’ve never been there!), but still waiting to see how Alex’s back is feeling (it’s been bothering him since last weekend, nothing too serious but obviously still painful). I have some easy miles on the schedule this weekend, but otherwise nothing too crazy to do! Maybe also making some chex mix because I’ve been craving it! I’m hiking up the ski mountain this morning to get in some awesome cross training and fun (more-so on the ski down the mountain! ; ) ….). I also stayed up super late last night to finish my library book (I had 80 pages left and can’t renew it again at the library)- totally worth it because it finally started to get REALLY good.


Flashback to yesterday mornings’ very early strength & 7 mile run on the treadmill. I used to go to the gym EVERY morning Mon-Friday for so many years and then switched up my schedule since the MS Run The US relay last Spring. It was a really nice change, but I also really missed waking up early and seeing my “gym people”! Anyone else feel this way or just me?


Since it has been SO cold here (3* yesterday morning at 8am?!?), I thought I’d give you a nice little breakdown of how running in the cold feels for me. I’d love to know your thoughts on winter running in the comments below too!


Pre-Run: Time to brace yourself for the cold. Break out all those layers. Pop in some hand and foot warmers. Fill those water bottles up with hot water so they are less-likely to freeze. Go pee before adding on all those layers because there’s no way you’re going to peel them off until after you’re done. You’re on lockdown at this point. There’s no turning back- time to head out into the cold.


Early Miles: Yeah, this isn’t so bad. So glad I added on that fourth down layer. I feel pretty great. I can’t believe I thought this run would suck. *slips on hidden black ice* Ok, don’t get ahead of yourself. Careful, carefullll…. Maybe I should slow my pace down a bit, how fast am I going anyways (looks at watch in utter-debelief. Wow, I thought I was going really fast, but actually I don’t remember ever going this slow)?!?


Later Miles: Wow I am seriously SWEATING! Whose idea was it to wear all these layers anyways?!? I’m so glad that this run has taken twice as long as I was anticipating because otherwise my lashes wouldn’t be frozen and I would still be able to feel my fingers and toes. Are my legs still even moving? Am I ever going to reach home?!?

Post- run: I’m hot, but I’m cold. I can’t wait to officially burn my skin off in a steaming hot shower. Also where is the hot cocoa?! *looks outside* wow it really is coming down out there! Who in their right mind would ever brave those elements?!? Oh right, me!


Do you ever stay up way too late to read a good book?

Thoughts on winter running?

Going to the gym- love it, hate it, or tolerate it?

Three things you’re doing this weekend? —-> definitely skiing somewhere, baking something, consuming ample amount of hot cocoa, and making homemade pizza tonight!

Feature Friday: Goals For My Race!

Happy Friday from Sunny, warm Las Vegas! How was your week? Anyone else traveling to Vegas this weekend or running another race somewhere else?!? I can honestly say that I’m missing the snow 0%. ; )

Anyways, let’s chat about my goals for the race on Sunday. I’m running the 5k on Saturday to just shake out my legs and hope to keep it at a controlled 10:xx pace (expending as little energy as possible). I’ve always had the goal that if I break 1:42 for the half, then I will miraculously be ready to get a BQ in the marathon. I’ve since come to the realization that it may not happen right away and that I’ll also probably need more like a sub 1:40 time to qualify for Boston, so with that my goal is still to get as close to 1:42 as I can (my original goal). I’m not 100% positive that I’ll be able to run a sub 1:42, BUT I will absolutely give it my best shot and I also want to definitely PR my half (plus have fun ; ) …). I also want to mentally stay in the race the ENTIRE time (which can be hard! especially when things get difficult). I want to PUSH when things get hard and not give in to the pain. I would also really like to negative-split.

Flashback to the Marathon last year!


SO with that in mind….here’s my goals laid out with some nice bulletpoints:

  • “A goal” - Half PR

  • “Also A goal” - HAVE FUN


  • C goal”- Negative Split

  • D goal”- Get that Sub 1:42

Flashback to my medal collection last year!



What are you up to this weekend?

A, B, C, D goals- how many do you like to make?

Ever ran the #StripAtNight?

Feature Friday: 10 Most Inspiring Podcast Episodes & I'm Getting EXCITED!

Happy Friday! I’m still sick, but optimistic that I will be able to get my speedwork in this afternoon either outside or on the treadmill. Alex is away for a boys weekend, so it’s just me and the furry ones Saturday into Sunday. I’m hoping to get my packing for Vegas done, a long run in on the trails, gettng a mani/pedi on Saturday, and finishing another book! It’s supposed to be a rainy/ cloudy/snow showery weekend so lots of indoor activities will be had (and hot cocoa consumed). I also cannot WAIT for the NYC Marathon on Sunday morning! Is anyone else excited?! Who is racing! Someday (even if I’m 100 years old) I hope to get into the NYC lottery!

PS Think this is why Alex just happens to schedule “work trips” around my half and full marathon tapers????

Since my race-day is coming up soon, I wanted to share with you some of the most inspiring Podcast episodes I’ve listened to (and will be re-listening to this next week)!

I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein Episode 145: Sally Mcrae. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode. Sally is so relatable and such a hardworker. She is so inspiring and I honestly could listen to this episode over and over again on repeat.

Ali On The Run Show Episode #92: Laura Anderson, 2018 Buffalo Marathon Winner. Laura is so inspiring and works full-time, while also being a running coach (I would LOVE to have her be my coach!). She is really relatable on so many levels and if she can win a marathon while doing so much outside of the running world, I believe anything is possible!

Rich Roll Podcast January 7th Episode How Charlie Jabaley Lost 120Ibs & Overcame a Brain Tumor To Become An Athlete. We listened to this episode on our drive to Lake Powell and Charlie’s story is absolutely amazing. He is so open with his weight loss journey, his future goals, and so down-to-earth. So much respect and admiration for him.

Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais June 27th Episode with Des Linden, 2018 Boston Marathon Winner. I’m sure that I have listed this episode here before, but it was just SO GOOD. I think this is my favorite interview with Des. I listened to it on my drive to my 50k and remember thinking how quickly the time went by because I was just so inspired and in awe of this interview. Really really good.

Oprah SuperSoul Conversations with Tom Brady Part 1 & Part 2 (June 17th & 19th). I have never been a huge fan of football just because of the way that most of the professional players act and their overall persona, HOWEVER these two conversations with Tom Brady showed me how incredible he really is and he gained a lot more respect from me. He has worked really hard (and continues to work really hard) to get where he is today and is one of the few professional football players that is certainly not like the others.

Rambling Runner Podcast Episode # 106 Janae Baron “Hungry Runner Girl”. I’m a huge fan of Janae’s and have loved so many episodes that Matt has done, but this one was so inspiring. I’ve been following Janae’s journey to get her sub-3 hour marathon for some time now and hearing her race recap when she did finally get that goal was incredible (and gave me CHILLS!).

I’ll have another with Lindsey Hein Episode #122 Teal Burrell. Teal’s story is incredible (she was also on episode # 58 of this podcast) and so inspiring. She is so down to earth and relatable. This episode focuses on her second OTQ marathon time that she secured (this tie post-baby) and her blog is really well done.

Ali On The Run Show Episode # 45 Andrea Barber AKA Full House’s Kimmy Gibbler. This one is inspiring in the sense that it gave me (a classic 90’s child) all. the. feels. I was never interested to watching the reboot, Fuller House, on Netflix until after listening to this episode. She is also really open and honest about her experiences with anxiety and depression and what it was really like growing up in Hollywood. Super funny and makes her seem so much more relatable.

Rambling Runner Podcast Episode #74 Sarah Canney. I’m a huge fan of Sarah’s journey and her openness and honesty on her blog. She does a great job of showing you the ‘unfiltered’ parts of her life and has accomplished so many great things in the running world.

Another Mother Runner Episode #326: 2017 NYC Marathon Winner & Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. Co-author Shalane Flanagan. So normally this podcast isn’t one of my favorites. They usually lose me in the first 5 minutes of their conversation recapping their weeks (maybe it’s because I don’t listen to every episode, but it just has me feeling lost), but I did fast forward through that and listen to their conversation with Shalane (whom I have a major girl crush on). She’s so inspiring and such a hardworker. I love following her journey and know that big things are still ahead for her!


What’s the most inspiring Podcast episode you’ve listened to lately?!?

Who is going to watch the NYC Marathon? Anyone else going to enter into the lottery this year besides me (and hope that you’ll be one of the few selected to run)?!

Favorite pre-race tradition? ——> Manicure/Pedicure. Hands down. I look forward to it every single time. Hey, it could be some other more expensive tradition right?!?