50 Miler Training RUNdown 5/5-5/12

Happy Humpday! I’ve finally put together my shopping list for my 50 miler


The cats are well-adjusted I think. Every morning I wake up and find a new toy on my bed. Ha.


Last week was my first taper week and it was pretty low key. We traveled until Tuesday evening, so most of the week was spent either on the road or adjusting/unpacking.

Monday, 5/5: 30 minute progression run on a treadmill at the hotel in Buffalo!


Tuesday, 5/6: Rest Day

Wednesday, 5/7: 5 miles easy. Running at sea level feels so much easier!

Thursday, 5/8: 6.2 miles 10 minute warm-up/ 4 x 5 minutes hard (1 min Recovery)/ 10 minute cool-down & some strength


Friday, 5/9: Rest Day/ Yoga

Saturday, 5/10: 4.3 miles total including impromptu trail 5k and took 3rd female overall


Sunday, 5/11: 8 miles easy


Total Mileage: 27.3 miles

Training Tuesday: What I Ate The Day Before A Marathon

Happy Tuesday! It’s funny how when you go back to school, you’re immediately thinking (or well… at least I am) ‘ HOW did I ever find the time to do all this and somehow have a social life?!?’ Ha. My classes this summer are shortened, so they are REALLY intense (for the most part), so it seems normal to be a bit well - shocked - , but then I just remind myself that I only have 6 more weeks to go of them ; ) It’s all about perspective right?!

I’ve been wanting to do this post for A WHILE now, but honestly just haven’t had the time ((or internet!)). Eugene feels like a million years ago, but in reality - it was only 3 weeks ago? Crazy how fast time flies ( especially when you move!). So, here we go:

-Went out for a shakeout run


Came back to have a mini bagel, honey, and a banana (I knew it would be at least another hour or more before we were able to get breakfast).


We went to Panera for breakfast (it’s always so hard to know what works for your stomach before a race & I think that Panera is still an OK thing ((even though I had some major GI distress during the second half of the race)).


I grabbed a cinnamon sugar bagel with butter from there as well to have as a snack on the drive to Eugene from Portland


Snacked on pretzels throughout the day!


Chipotle for lunch after visiting the expo. I think this is where my GI distress may have come from. I didn’t get anything with cheese, but it was just heavy. I also think that -generally- I had too many carbs (I don’t normally eat THIS much carb-centered foods), but honestly nutrition is still such a foreign thing to me!


Some pasta with butter for dinner (we ate relatively early - before 6pm - to hopefully let our food settle. Spoiler: mine did not ha. ).


Still got through the marathon and managed even splits and a 1 minute PR. You can find my full race recap here!



-Anyone else go back to school to get a degree. Tips?!?

-Favorite things to eat before a marathon?! I”M SO CONFUSED ON CARBO-LOADING still. HELP!


Happy Monday and happy first day of classes to me! I cannot believe how quickly the past few weeks have gone and I’ve already started on the crazy amount of homework I have. All of my readings have been so interesting to me, so no complaints thus far : ) I’m also still day-dreaming about this Brownie Sundae from Flatbreads (if you’re ever in North Conway, NH —> you MUST go here!) that my mom & grandmother & I shared Saturday night. Drool-worthly.


Brady is NOT a fan of me going back to school. He staged a protest yesterday and layed on my books. Good thing I still had many other textbooks to read from ; )


I ran an impromptu trail 5k Saturday morning at Whiteaker Woods in North Conway, NH and somehow ended up getting 3rd female overall?! The course was a bit short (2.8 miles) and the field smallish (30-35 runners?), but still grateful anytime you walk-away with an overall placement : )


I also think that I may have a running shoe problem. I only had my car as the means to transport my stuff (most is coming with Alex in Uhaul in a few weeks), but somehow managed to fit all of these in my car?!? IDK. I guess there are worst problems to have! At least I’ve already used them all since arriving in Maine.


Brady worked on his sink-fitting skills.


And I read up on my 50 miler (SUNDAY!!!) training prep. I’m feeling pretty content with my training and preparation. I started making a packing list and also food list of items I want to bring with me. I’m planning to have it all ready to go by Thursday so I don’t need to pack last-minute.


Also came back across THIS in my ultra training book (Training for Your First Ultra by Krissy Moel) and I will be remembering to spread it like peanut butter through my race.



Anyone racing this next weekend?!? What/ where?! I want the details!

Brownie Sundaes - are you a fan?

Trail 5ks - harder or easier than road 5ks? —> I think they are easier, but I’ve never actually ‘raced’ a road 5k, so I’m just guessing ; )

50 Miler Training RUNdown 5/5-5/12, I Need Your TIPS!

Happy Weekend! I wanted to make sure to share with you last weeks training recap since it was my last training week in Colorado (and last higher mileage until 50 miles)! I’m full into the taper now and am starting to put together my ‘packing list’ for race day- anyone have any tips or suggestions on what to pack?!? I know I want to switch shoes at every 25k (where I will meet my crew) and food-staples, but otherwise not so sure. Sunscreen, bug spray, tums, ginger ale - what are your favorites?!?

Monday, 5/6: 22.01 miles easy @ 12:19 1, 333’ & Strength


Tuesday, 5/7: 12 miles easy 1, 219’ up


Wednesday, 5/8: 8 miles easy 10:46 715’ up & strength

A whole ‘lotta R & R too!

A whole ‘lotta R & R too!

Thursday, 5/9: Last Hill Repeats! 15 min w/u / 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 7 min, 5 min, 3 min, 1 min (1/2 time recovery), cool down until I hit 10 miles 10:10 pace 1,430’ up. This felt real good and it was fun to see a below 8 minute pace on some of the uphill sprints. Nothing makes you feel more bada** (in my opinion), than climbing some hills!


Friday, 5/10: 5.01 miles easy 9:45 98’ up. I was having some major pre-travel anxiety and NEEDED this run so much. I have never not felt better after running. When all else fails, RUN.


Saturday, 5/11: Rest Day! Travel day. We drove from Colorado to somewhere in Nebraska!

Sunday, 5/12: Rest Day. Travel day # 2. We drove from middle of Nebraska to just outside of Chicago!

Total Mileage: 57 miles

Total Elevation: 4, 797’ up

Feature Friday: Updates, This Was Exciting, And Think This Will Last?

Hi!!! I’m still here! We FINALLY got internet yesterday afternoon and my clothes are officially unpacked, so -dare I say- I feel a weee bit more settled than say Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s pretty nice that I’m on the taper for my 50 miler because there is no way that I’d be able to handle any crazy training schedules right now. I’m excited for my upcoming race solely because I’ll just have the entire day to RUN. You know things must be a bit hectic when running 50 miles seems, well, easy. At least my new run views here in Maine are pretty spectacular.


You also know that it’s clearly a happening Friday night when you’re in your new ‘office’ writing blog posts, organizing your upcoming schoolwork schedule, and managing your finances. Ha. At least I’m setting myself up for success! Any other Type-A organizational people out there like me ENJOY this kinda stuff (super exciting to me)??

I also enjoyed coming ‘home’ to this balloon. So nice to have family so close-by again. Something that I definitely took advantage of previously. I’m also hoping that it will last until Alex arrives here in a few weeks… Mission- Procure the balloon!


The cats seem to be adjusting pretty well too! We lived in a MUCH smaller town home in Colorado, so this home is kinda like a palace to them. Most days, I have to really search to find them and they’re exploring more as the week passes. I’ve kept them mainly in my bedroom/ bathroom area for the first few days (so they can secure a ‘home base’) and they’ve started to explore a bit more of the second floor and some of the first floor. They clearly love the wrap-around porch (as do I).


I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but we moved into my family home (my great-grandfather built it)! It’s an older farmhouse that needs some spiffing-up, but has so much charm. It’s amazing how once I arrived in Maine, it felt like a great big hug being welcomed back. I’ve also carried out about a million trash bags filled with trash from my teenage years and so many clothes to be donated.

I also can’t remember if I mentioned it, but I’m beginning the accelerated nursing program at the University of Southern Maine. My ‘big goal’ is to become a Nurse Practitioner (get my MS & someday my DNP), but this is my first step. It’s a 14 month program and is pretty INTENSE (i.e. 18 credits each semester)- it’s really weird going back to school, but oh my gosh I’m so happy. It’s always been my dream to work in healthcare and work with patients of some sorts, so I’m super happy to finally be making steps towards that. I picked up my scrubs and my very own stethoscope the other day -SO exciting.


SO, clearly I’ve kept this a secret so quite so time! And yes, it was hard to finally make the decision to move, leave my cushy-salaried job (where I had just gotten a promotion), and go back to school full-time. And no, it wasn’t hard because it just seemed like the RIGHT decision for ME. There have been many challenges along the way (um hello, I’m not going to be bringing in really any, if at all, INCOME for a year) including figuring out how to finance it (I financed my previous two other degrees with no help from my parents regarding tuition), if I could feasibly commute an hour to school potentially everyday, and where would that leave Alex and mine relationship. It was NOT easy and yes, I lost sleep over it. But, honestly, we’re both from Maine and wanted to return there at some point.

It was really hard leaving Colorado. I have so much appreciation for its beauty, trail systems, and outdoor recreation spaces, however I also had a really hard time finding my tribe of friends. Steamboat is a really seasonal town, so I would make really great friends and then they would move away after a year and I just got tired of making the effort of finding friends to just move away. I’ve found it’s SO hard to make friends as we get older (especially when you move away from your college-town)- so if you have any tips for me let me know!

We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled programming here on Monday - I’ll also have last weeks training RUNdown ready for you tomorrow morning.


-Tips for making a balloon last for a month?!?

-Tips for making ‘adult friends’?!? Ha.

-3 things you’re doing this weekend? Dinner out with my Mom & Grandmother, Bunch of Reading, Cleaning, and a trail run since it looks like it finally won’t rain!