5k Race Recap!

Happy Friday! It’s slightly unusual, but I’m really enjoying this downtime from not running. Sure, I absolutely cannot wait to get back out there and run some new (and old, familiar) routes; but it’s also pretty nice to just relax for a bit. I’ve still been on-again off-again dealing with some inner knee pain and plantar fasciitis, so I’ve got a Physical Therapy screening this morning at a new place (crossing my fingers & toes that I get a good PT that can heal me up in my downtime).

Let’s recap the 5k on Saturday! This was my 2nd year doing the 5k (and using it as a shakeout run) so I knew what to expect (which was really nice). It also starts at 6pm, so you’ve got all day to either walk a bunch (we did not do that) or relax (we did this).

In the morning, we walked to breakfast and then to CVS to pick up just some miscellaneous things (snacks/ coconut water/ mucinex/ body wash) before sitting outside at Cesar’s Palace for a while. I was a terrible blogger this day and barely took one photo, so I’m sorry in advance! I also did some light strength/ stretching at the hotel that morning.

 5k race ready!

5k race ready!

Last year, we got so lucky to get on a Monorail to get to the start of the 5k (which is at the last stop of the monorail) and it was so crowded! So this year, we decided to leave extra early and eat dinner at the SLS Las Vegas (where 5k start/finish is). We also skipped lunch, so we were ready for an early dinner (i.e. eating at 4pm I think?). Hardly anyone was on the monorail, so it was a great decision (also dinner was really quiet as well)!

We ate at the BEST pizza place I’ve literally had since I studied abroad in Italy (no joke). If you’re in Vegas, you MUST eat at 800 Degrees Neapolitan PIzzeria. We split one pizza (it’s around ~2 servings per pizza) and got the Cesear salad. The pizza also cooks in 90 seconds in the brick oven, so it takes no time at all.


After dinner, we walked over to the 5k start around 5:15 (the hotel is directly across the street from the start/finish area).

You can read my 5k race recap HERE.

Since my mom & grandma wouldn’t be finished for another hour or so after me, I decided I would meet them back at the PIzzeria (they have gelato)! I remember getting pretty cold waiting outside for them last year and it was difficult to find eachother, so this way I stayed warm and they knew exactly where I would be post-race. Plus, gelato as a post-run treat? YES PLEASE!


I got a mix of salted caramel, french vanilla, and coconut snickers and it was amazing. It was also huge and I only ate about half of it.

After gelato, we took the monorail back (and while it was still busy, it was really well organized and maybe took us 10 minutes to wait to get on one).

Don’t forget to check back on Monday for my Half Marathon recap!


Favorite flavors of gelato?

Night races- what would/ did you do during the day?!

Best place you’ve ever had pizza? Favorite flavor?

Las Vegas HALF Rundown Week 17: 11/5-11/11

Happy Humpday! I’m heading back to work today and the post vacation blues are hitting me big time. Luckily, Thanksgiving is next Thursday so I can’t wait! I’m cooking a full dinner (turkey included this year ), so I’m excited. Anyone else cooking Thanksgiving this year?!? What traditions do you love to celebrate? The holidays are my favorite! Another thing I’m doing these next two weeks when I’m not running? Leaving my Garmin at home. No need to count my steps- I’m in full relaxation mode! 

Lets recap last week of training!


Monday, 11/4: 4.27 miles easy on the treadmill at 10:31 pace & Jumpboard Pilates class at lunch 


Tuesday, 11/5: 4.47 miles with .6 mile warm-up, 3 x 1/2 mile at 10k pace (2 min recovery), 3 x 1/2 mile at 5k pace (2 min recovery), .6 mile cool down. I only hit one of my paces for this workout and the roads were completely icy/snowy so I did take it easier than I would have (and still wasn’t feeling 100% better). Still happy to have pushed through! 


Wednesday, 11/6: REST DAY/ Travel day!  

Thursday, 11/7: 4.05 easy miles at 10:12 pace 1,022’ up at the Grand Canyon! 


Friday, 11/8: REST DAY 

Saturday, 11/9: 3.12 miles with 4 x :30 pick ups at the 5k  


 Sunday, 11/10: 13.12 miles Race Day! 155’ up


Total Elevation: 1,044’ up 

Total Mileage: 29.05 miles  

What day is it & the BEST way to recover post-race

Hello! You know you’ve been on vacation awhile when you’re unsure what day it is. It’s Tuesday, right? I’m at the airport heading back to Colorado (that 3am alarm was pretty fun...) and am NOT ready to be off vacation just yet. I’ll have a full race recap for you later this week, but I didn’t PR (..bummer). I’m not super upset with my results because I still had a great time. Sometimes you have breakthrough races and sometimes you don’t. I’ve learned that the small setbacks normally just set you up with a BIG breakthrough moment later on. So until that day comes, here’s a few photos from our trip and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of my last week of training before the race! 

 Running in the Grand Canyon!


We saw Céline Dion! It was AMAZING!  


Flat runner for the 5k!  


13.1 ready!  


The BEST way to recover post race- S’mores Mocha latte!   



how was your weekend?!? 

Its Tuesday, right? 

favorite way to recover post race?!? 

Feature Friday: Goals For My Race!

Happy Friday from Sunny, warm Las Vegas! How was your week? Anyone else traveling to Vegas this weekend or running another race somewhere else?!? I can honestly say that I’m missing the snow 0%. ; )

Anyways, let’s chat about my goals for the race on Sunday. I’m running the 5k on Saturday to just shake out my legs and hope to keep it at a controlled 10:xx pace (expending as little energy as possible). I’ve always had the goal that if I break 1:42 for the half, then I will miraculously be ready to get a BQ in the marathon. I’ve since come to the realization that it may not happen right away and that I’ll also probably need more like a sub 1:40 time to qualify for Boston, so with that my goal is still to get as close to 1:42 as I can (my original goal). I’m not 100% positive that I’ll be able to run a sub 1:42, BUT I will absolutely give it my best shot and I also want to definitely PR my half (plus have fun ; ) …). I also want to mentally stay in the race the ENTIRE time (which can be hard! especially when things get difficult). I want to PUSH when things get hard and not give in to the pain. I would also really like to negative-split.

Flashback to the Marathon last year!


SO with that in mind….here’s my goals laid out with some nice bulletpoints:

  • “A goal” - Half PR

  • “Also A goal” - HAVE FUN


  • C goal”- Negative Split

  • D goal”- Get that Sub 1:42

Flashback to my medal collection last year!



What are you up to this weekend?

A, B, C, D goals- how many do you like to make?

Ever ran the #StripAtNight?