Friday Feature- The Running Items That Are On My List & Managing MS

Happy Friday! I got to sleep in this morning and have the full day off! I always love to go for a run in the mid-morning when I have the day off, but it's a bit chilly here so thinking I'll wait until this afternoon. My foot had been feeling a bit of numbness/tingling, but I've been icing/ epsom salt bath soaking/ stretching/ massaging it and it feels way better. So I'm not really sure how far I'll run today, but if I could get anywhere between 8-10 (my long run today since it will snow tomorrow) I'll be happy. If I start to get pain anywhere then I'll just call it and take it day-by-day. 


Does anyone else have the day off? Are you traveling anywhere? They said that many parts of the US are under winter weather advisories this weekend, so hoping you have safe travels if you do have somewhere to go! We will hopefully be taking advantage of the first (finally) snowstorm of the year and going skiing! yay! We are also planning on doing some chinese food either on Christmas Eve or Day and who knows what else the weekend has in store. 

There are definitely a few items that I have on my running wish-list this year/ what I would love to have for future training runs (note: no posts are sponsored- just my own opinions here!):

  • Tracer360- Nox Gear  - This is definitely one that I know is so important and necessary for early morning/ evening runners to have. It's gotten amazing reviews and many runners say how well it works for oncoming traffic to see you. 
  • Rabbit Runner Girl Emoji Tank  - I think this tank is SO cute and have been dying to try the Rabbit running gear, plus the runner girl emoji is so amazing. 


  • Erica Sara Designs Running NecklaceI've loved all her pieces for years and love how she is still a small business (love supporting small entrepreneurs). 
  • IPod ShuffleI know this is definitely an 'old school' item, but it's so small and perfect for when you're out on your really long runs and not wanting to carry your phone (or it dies). Would be great for ultra runners or relay runners! I know it's been discontinued, but looks like there still may be a few out there either on Ebay or Wal mart/ Target !
  • Oiselle Spandos CaprisThese are super pricy (although they are on sale right now...), but they are just so cute and unique! 


  • Brooks Ghost 10sBecause you can never really go wrong with running shoes. Also I'd love 5 more pairs of Ghost 10s (I seem to go through sneakers every few months and this would get me through a year or so...)
  • Stabilgear STABILicersRunning on snow/ ice is definitely a must if you live in the mountains and want to run outside in the winter, so these are a necessity (plus they look like they have great spikes/ traction)


  • Race Entries Fees- This one is pretty general, but I don't think you would meet a runner who wouldn't have at least one race for 2018 that they want to sign up for (but it may be pretty pricey). I've got three on my list....

Also just wanted to continue my series on Multiple Sclerosis and share with you a few tips that the National MS Society lists for those living with MS/ how they can manage it with diet/nutrition:

  • Diets low in Saturated Fats & high in omega-3s & omega-6s are recommended
  • Vitamin D is important
  • Biotin can help
  • Additional supplements can help


What's on your running wish-list?

Know someone who has used diet/ nutrition to help manage their MS?

Happy Holidays friends!