Training Rundown- Week 1 MS Run The US

Week 1 of training for MS Run The US is complete and I finished out the week with 31 miles. I took 2 days off (breaking my Run Streak..bummer!) from a bit of numbness/tingling in my right foot and did a lot of stretching/strength training/ epsom salt bath soaking/ icing and it is finally feeling better. I've learned over the years that it's better to take a few days off to come back feeling 100% rather than push yourself through an injury and cause the injury to become much worse. I didn't gain as much elevation this week and I had originally planned, but also with the Holidays and all the snow we received (35+ inches), I'm pretty happy that I just got my miles in. I didn't stray from my training schedule and fit in the runs (besides my two days off) that were on tap.

My easy paces for this training cycle will run from 9:39 min/mi to 10:21 min mi. My marathon pace will be at 8:36 min/mi and speed sessions will be around a 7:13 min/mi pace. This week had only easy runs and next will include my first speed session again. 

Monday: 6 miles easy @ 9:59 on the treadmill & 30 minutes of strength training


Tuesday: 5 miles easy @ 9:45 outside

Wednesday: off/rest day

Thursday: 45 minutes of strength & stretching/ 20 minutes on the bike/ 10 minutes soaking in the hot springs


Friday: 8 miles easy @ 9:59 with 800' elevation gain


Saturday: 6 miles easy @ 9:43 on the treadmill


Sunday: 5 miles easy @ 9:59 on the treadmill