10 Ways That Running Has Changed Me

Happy Thursday! We are only one day from the weekend again and getting so close to the end of 2017! I hope this year brought you many laughs, adventures, friends, opportunities to grow, and if not- there is always next year. I wanted to share with you 10 ways that running has influenced and made me a better person, in ways that I never thought it would. I thought this was a great end-of-the-year post because many people may be looking to add something new to their routine in 2018 or wanting to add more running/fitness goals into their life!


1. Running has given me opportunities to explore places I never thought I would visit.


2. Running has given me so much CONFIDENCE in every single facet of my life. 

3. Running has provided me with goals for each year and a reason to work-out (besides "wanting to be fit/in-shape")


4. Running has provided me with challenges and also the opportunity to overcome those challenges.

5. Running has given me patience. Getting better/coming back from injuries is TOUGH and it definitely is a work-in-progress.


6. Running has given me an outlet to laugh, smile, cry, overcome my anger, solve problems (or come to realization that they cannot be solved so easily), celebrate, and mourn.

7. Running has taught me so much about myself, things that I'm not sure I would have ever known without it. 


8. Running has given me the opportunity to join support groups and fight for causes that I am beyond passionate about. 


9. Running has given me an excuse to enjoy a donut (or two) after accomplishing something. 

10. Running has made me realize that I'm enough of myself and that I should never take it for granted.


What has running taught you?

What are your 2018 goals? Fitness or non-fitness related?

How have you improved from a hobby you enjoy doing?