Training Tuesday: 10 Reasons Why I LOVE The Treadmill

Ok so probably if you’ve followed me on any of my social media platforms, you know that a fair share of my training has been done on the treadmill. Thank you Mother Nature! Between the ice, below 0* temperatures, and insane amount of snow we’ve gotten this winter- I don’t think I’d be able to get in half of my morning runs unless I had the treadmill to run on! I LOVE to run outside, but when I have no other viable and safe option —> I go to the good ole ‘mill. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite reasons why I LOVE this as a training option!

Untitled Design.PNG

-It builds up your mental strength. There’s nothing like knowing that you can just hop off at any time, but you focus your brain to be able to withstand that temptation over time.

-You can really hit your paces. I know that if I want to hit ‘x’ pace during a mile repeat or marathon paced miles, I just put the treadmill at that speed and hang on.


-It builds up your leg strength with those incline options! There’s nothing else better (in my opinion) to get in an absolutely killer hill workout that won’t quit. I also love these treadmill hill workouts from RunFarGirl.

-It’s a safe option when you don’t have someone else to run with or know where you are. I LOVE to explore new cities on my own two feet, but sometimes it’s not always the safest option (especially if I’m traveling solo). I know that I will be able to get my workout in and be safe —> the most important part!

-It’s a nice change of pace, when you’re tired of your usual running routes. Sometimes I get in a rut of running the same ‘ol roads/trails. The treadmill helps me switch it up and I get the feeling like I’m taking a “break”.


-It saves you from running outside when the weather is just AWFUL. Snow? Sub-zero temperatures? Insane amounts of ice? Blizzard? Extreme heat? The treadmill is really a gift when the weather outside is not the best.

-It keeps your easy runs honest. While the time goes by slower, I like to utilize the treadmill to keep my easy runs truly easy. There’s no downhill segments to speed up your legs- I just pop it on a really slow pace and completely ‘zone out’ for those miles. Sometimes they’re my favorite runs of the week.

-Netflix and treadmill? It comes in waves of sheer-boredom with the ‘mill and gratitude, but I (most of the time) love to catch up on one of my new shows (that I save specifically to watch on the ‘mill) OR zone-out to a show that I’ve seen a thousand times. I also really love to watch the news on the treadmill. Total geek, yes I know. If it’s the Today Show —> even better!


-Simulate your upcoming race course. I live in a super hilly area (i.e. I don’t believe I’ve ever gained less than 400’ on a run no matter how ‘flat’ the road looks), so when my legs are absolutely trashed from running hills or long the day before - I honestly do not want to look at a hill ever again and driving to a flatter road isn’t in the question —> the treadmill at .5% incline feels incredible. I also know that training for Mt.Washington Road Race, I’ll need to really work on a pretty steep incline (12%-22%) - there is no hill around here that spans out for miles at that incline so the treadmill the BEST option.

-There is no traffic to worry about. Sometimes I get really frustrated with cars on the road not paying attention to me or plow-trucks coming straight at me. The treadmill is a really nice change of pace where I can feel SAFE and really zone out without having to worry about Mountain Lions mauling me, getting run over by a distracted driver, or being plowed up by a snow plow. <— one of my biggest fears right there!


Tell ME some of your favorite reasons why you love the ‘mill!

Training Tuesday: My Favorite MANTRAS When Things Get Tough!

When I’m running a marathon or doing a really TOUGH speedworkout/ marathon-paced miles- I truly rely on mantras. Words/ Phrases/ Thoughts that I come back to that make me feel tough and fierce. I’m continuing to work on my mental stamina (you NEED to practice it if you want it to show up on race day) and have found that the marathon-paced miles are the best time to do so. I rely on those workouts to get me out of any funks I’m feeling and internally own my run so I can outwardly project it come race day. Anytime that I can remind myself how grateful and lucky I am to be able to push my body to its limits and get stronger —> I take it.


Here are some of my favorite mantras that get me going and help me ‘refocus’ when my mind begins to get bogged down with negative thoughts:

Dig Deep.

Grateful and strong.

You got this.

Believe and Achieve.

Attitude of Gratitude.

You are tough.

Prove them wrong.


I want to know what YOUR favorite mantras/ words/ phrases are when things get tough!

THIS Will Help Me Reach My Time Goal At Eugene & On My Running Wish List

Happy Friday-eve! FINALLY! This week has definitely dragged along (I’m sure that teaching skiing all day on Sunday definitely hasn’t helped), but I’m so looking forward to this weekend! We’re getting our Holiday cards mailed out, our Christmas tree, exchanging Hanukkah gifts, and everything else Holiday-related. I also did not spend $1 during Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales- this is a HUGE win for me (especially with all the crazy amount of marketing out there!). My Christmas shopping is all done and I did do ONE purchase for myself- these candles. The ‘Damn It’s Early’ scent is incredible and they’re also a small business, which I LOVE supporting! I’m also trying to get everything I’ll need to train for Eugene now rather than waiting until later so I’m stocking up on gels (I’m going to be trying these), ordering more of these (the watermelon flavor is my favorite), rearranging my chews, and finding my race-day outfit (including sneakers)!

Also it will never get old seeing this! Anyone else apply to be part of the 2019 Hive program?!?

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 8.10.47 AM.png

THIS will also be a staple for me this training cycle. I’ve tried to use the training journal before, but I’ve struggled making it a habit (I typically just use google docs spreadsheet to keep track of my activity & mileage on my sneakers)- this time I’m committed to making it work! I’m 100% positive that it will help me reach my sub 3:40 marathon time in Eugene!


Flashback to yesterday where Stella & I went on a VERY chilly walk during lunch (I think it was 15* out?!?). I’m saving my run for this afternoon today, so it should be around 20* rather than single digits. WHEN will it get past freezing again? I would love to see the roads sometime this winter (rather than snowy/icy filled ones).


Happy Hannukkah! We celebrate both Hannukkah and Christmas (Chrismukkah style, as per the OC- anyone else ever watch that show? I was seriously OBSESSED with Marisa & Ryan…might need to binge watch that show on the treadmill!). We light the menorah, but exchange one gift towards the end of Hanukkah (that will be this weekend for us) and try our hand at making latkes (last year we made SO many and they really didn’t turn out too well…). Then we’ll do another gift on Christmas and do Chinese for dinner.


Here’s a few things that I think should be on your runner’s gift list this year!

  • THESE pants- they feel so amazing on and don’t move on me at all

  • THESE socks- so soft!

  • THIS to help with recovery

  • THIS sweatshirt to keep warm post-run and also because so accurate. (I want this!)

  • THIS mug because everyone needs to know that they run (I want this!)

  • THIS necklace- SOOOO cute and I want one!


I’d love to know what your favorite Holiday traditions are!

How do you keep track of your training?

The O.C. - team Summer or team Marisa?

Black Friday or Cyber Monday- what sales did you take advantage of?