What I'm Currently......

Happy Friday! We really have no plans this weekend and 100% OK with that. It’s my final weekend before TWO big weeks of PEAK MILEAGE then I’ll begin tapering for both races! These next two weeks will fly by , so trying to savor the very small amount of mileage I have on tap while I can!

SO here are a few things I’m LOVING lately.

Getting THIS long sleeve for post-Eugene marathon bliss:


Homemade Beet/ Cocoa/ Honey Oatmeal


Testing out THESE headphones as a Bib Rave Pro (find a discount HERE). So far- LOVING them!


Not sure if I’m necessarily LOVING them, but wall squats


Massages. Hands down the best thing I’ve done this past week. Treat yourself!



Three things you’re loving right now?!?

Any other aftershokz headphone lovers out there?

Are you pro massage?