Checking In On Monthly Goals!

HOW is it already April on Monday?!? Also- WHY does March always go by so fast? I have so many questions and so little answers. I guess it’s time to check back on my goals for March and look ahead to my goals for April. This last month has been STRESSFUL. I barely hit any of my goals and honestly some days, just felt like I was trying to stay afloat. I hope April will be better, but honestly I think the next few months will FLY by and I may not hit most of my goals (which is OK! I’m human!). Also it’s all good because we have the cutest kitties around.


March Goals:

  • Yoga 1x /week - YES! I hit ONE of my goals! I’ve been LOVING yoga. Yay.

  • Meditate 1x/ week- I think I got 3 of the 4 weeks. Not bad, but not great.

  • Ski @ 1 new-to-me Mtn- nope…

  • Do 3 pulls up- HA. no. I’m SO SCARED to try them at the gym! I need your tips to get over my very irrational fear.

  • Daily gratitude of 5 things- Yes. I love to do this and look back on my day and find 5 things I’m grateful for (even if it was an unbelievably crappy day)!

  • Visualize Race- I did this more-so the beginning of the month, but have been struggling a bit more with it the past week or so. Hoping to get back on track next month.

  • Save $$$- Did OK with this. Always room for improvement!

April Goals:

  • Yoga 1 x / week

  • Meditate 1x /week

  • Read 2 books

  • Do 3 pull-ups

  • Visualize Race Course


  • Save $$$$$$$


What are some of your goals for April???

Any tips to get past my fear of trying to do a pull-up at the gym? Should I just get one of those pull-up bars to have at home instead??!?