Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was eventful on Saturday and then Sunday nice & relaxing. Alex is away in Las Vegas this week, so I’m on full Stella-duty and will be getting most of my runs in the morning because she’s much more comfortable at home rather than spend 2+ hours in the car while I’m running at the gym. I did most of my meal prep yesterday, so I should be able to relax most evenings after work. This is my second-to-last really high mileage week before I taper for Eugene and then for Pinelands 50! I’m excitedly nervous and ready to tackle the weeks ahead.

Let’s flashback to Saturday morning when we woke up, excited to make some fresh coffee and breakfast and found out that poor Stella had gotten sick in several places throughout the entire house (she’s OK! got it out of her system and was perfectly happy by the time we woke up). Sooo we spent the next hour cleaning it up, airing out the house (it had also snowed the night before and was FREEZING outside- i.e. 12* I believe?), and decided that neither one of us could eat in there at the moment. So off to breakfast we went! Freshies Summit Scramble for the win.


Took Stella for a walk on the ice-covered core trail.


Did some spring cleaning and found all of my old skating dresses. That pink one was my absolute favorite. Every time I wore it = I felt incredible and STRONG and bada$$. Hmmm… maybe I should wear it for my race this month?


Brady was NOT helpful when I was trying to put away all of my heavy sweaters and jackets.


A game of life & popcorn while watching March Madness. HOW INCREDIBLE was that UVA vs Purdue game? We had to stay up late and watch.


Sunday Runday! 6.5 miles to round out March in some warmish (28*) temperatures and snow-free roads (FINALLY!).


Brady found his favorite new spot to nap.



-Where is weirdest place your pet naps?

-Any tips for getting stains out of rugs?! We got most of them, but still a bit left and woolite isn’t cutting it.

-Favorite ways to prepare for the week ahead?