Friday Feature: My Plan For The Salt Lake City Marathon!

Happy Friday! I hope you have something fun planned for this weekend and if you're racing, GOOD LUCK! I'm on route to SLC as of noon today, but wanted to quickly share with you some of my goals for the marathon tomorrow morning. I've had a solid training cycle, but remaining healthy and recovering smart after the race are my biggest goals. I've put a big goal of trying to break 3:40 in the marathon this year and like to use small stepping stones to get me to bigger goals (like qualifying for the Boston Marathon). So, I'm hoping this race will just be a stepping stone to getting me to that qualifying time one day. 


Here's my goals for race day TOMORROW:

A. Have fun and enjoy every mile!

B. Negative-split

C. PR. This would be breaking anything under 3:55:33

Here are my pace-goals for the race tomorrow:

-Miles 1-10: relax and hold-back my pace. Keep form in-check and take fuel every 5 miles. Keep my pace between 8:45-8:50.

-Miles 10-15: settle into an 8:35 pace and stay strong through the hilly sections

-Miles 15-20: hold onto an 8:35/8:30 pace and keep taking gels every 5 miles

-Miles 20-23: hit goal-pace of 8:20

-Miles 23-finish: If I'm feeling strong, try to go below 8:20. If I'm struggling, hold on to 8:20 pace and finish with a smile.

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

One thing you're looking forward to this weekend? --> definitely an Inn and Out burger after the race!