Hanson's Marathon Method Week 8 Run down

What a week it was! This week was pretty low mileage since I had a headcold come on and wanted to get rested up for my half marathon on Saturday. I originally had wanted to race my half, but with my head still staying pretty congested I decided to just have fun and not push myself into a deeper sickness (plus I wanted to enjoy our weekend full of camping!). I still ended up getting fourth in my age group (!!!) at my race and honestly had SO MUCH FUN! It was by far the best half marathon I can ever remember having (race recap to come soon). 

Besides getting sick, I did hit my mile repeats on Tuesday so that was a huge bonus and I just ultimately took the rest of the week off from any hard runs and just focused on recovery and easy paces. 


Monday: 6 miles Easy @ 10:20 on the treadmill


Tuesday: 1.5 warm-up; 3 @ 7:20 (600 R) ; 1.5 cool-down- 7 miles total

Wednesday: Sick- took a rest day

Watching Sheep Herders because what else are you supposed to do when you're sick?! 

Watching Sheep Herders because what else are you supposed to do when you're sick?! 

Thursday: 3 miles easy on the trails @ 9:54


Friday: 3.25 miles easy @ 10:00


Saturday: RACE DAY! 13.2 miles @ 9:17 - 2:01:37- I turned off my auto alerts for mile splits on my Garmin and just went by feel. I negative-split my race time by over 2 and a half minutes and kept my heart rate under 160. I never pushed myself too hard and felt super recovered after I finished. I also got 4th in my age group!


Sunday: Rest Day

Sunshine Goods:

  • Kept my health and rest a priority
  • Fitness is still there!
  • 4th in my age group
  • Negative-split by a huge amount!!
  • Kept positive the entire race and never felt like I had 'hit the wall'
  • Hit my mile repeats

Gloomy Goods:

  • Got sick (bummer!)
  • Didn't hit my mileage for the week 
  • Didn't get a PR for the half like originally planned
  • Took an extra rest day
  • So much running = so much laundry!!!