My Running Wish-List Right Now & Tips to Fitting in High Mileage!

I kinda wish every week was only 4 days long because it's already Thursday and tomorrow is FRIDAY! I used to work at jobs where I would always get Fridays off and I kinda think I need to start that trend at my current job too- having that one extra day is really REALLY nice! Then we have one day to relax, one day to do errands/ cook, and one day to do something fun. It's a win-win-win. Hmph, someday !

I wanted to share with you a few things that are on my running wish-list right now because it's Fall and that means we need some new running gear heading into the cooler months (AKA winter). 

  • Brooks Ghost 10 - Because running high-mileage means I need another pair of these Ghost 10s (and they are seriously SO amazing). I wish wearing running shoes to work was appropriate. 
  • Brooks Juno Sports Bra- Finding good sports bras is difficult and I've had some in my dresser for ummm... 6 YEARS?!? If only I had all the money in the world I would try this highly recommended sports bra and when I found the perfect fit, I would purchase 10 of them and just throw out all my other ones. Someday....
  • Oiselle Flyout Long Sleeve- I live to layer on the run and this long-sleeved tee has the perfect cuts and thumbholes
  • Oiselle Caty Lady Racerback Bra- This just looks so amazingly comfy and warm that I know it will become a part of my wardrobe this upcoming winter season. I actually could picture myself wearing this in the summertime too because the girls are always a bit chilly...
  • Oiselle Wazzie Wool Base Layer- Another fantastically warm-looking base layer from Oiselle that I know I would live in come Fall/Winter/Spring (these seasons kinda just melt together here in the Mtns...). Perfect for those chilly runs or on the mountain or I would definitely wear this to work too. It's on sale right now, bonus!
  • 2xu Compression Run Socks-  Coming upon sock season, these are a must-have for recovery and I also really love to run/race in them. These are also on sale right now and look super cute when paired with a costume!

Kinda was a mistake for putting together a wish-list because now I know how many of these things are on sale and now I just want them all! But hopefully you are able to enjoy them for me and let me know how fantastic they are for running.

I also wanted to leave you with a few tips that I have for increasing your mileage since I've gone from consistently running 30-35 miles per week to 45-55 miles per week. 

  • Follow a training plan and slowly build up to your 1st week of training. Do NOT just jump into a training plan unless you've been consistently running that mileage each week. I like to put together my training plan calendar then go back 3-4 weeks from when actual training starts and take a few miles off from week 1 of training each week until I am at a normal weekly mileage for me at this point. 
  • Know yourself and when works best for you to fit in your runs. For me, I know that I tend to find more excuses if I wait to do my run later in the day. I also know that if I want to sleep in that morning, then I need to get my run in later in the day and plan everything else around that. Be flexible. I sometimes switch around my rest days too if I have something upcoming on the calendar that I know will be difficult to run on that day or maybe I'm just not feeling it. Know that it's OK to not stick to your training plan day by day. Each week is a new beginning!
  • Have a great support system. Alex is really great with knowing that I need to get my run in and I like to not put it off all day on the weekends, so he helps me get it in. Whether that means picking me up 8 miles down the road an hour later or dropping me off, running some errands, then picking me up somewhere else. 

Race recap of the Jackson Hole Hole Half is coming to the blog tomorrow! Get excited to hear all about it and don't forget to add it to your race calendars next year!

Have any tips for fitting in higher mileage weeks while training?

Favorite running gear? Did I miss anything that you LOVE to RUN in?