Race-cation hangover

Good morning friends! Do you ever feel completely exhausted after coming back from a race that you traveled to? I honestly feel like I've been 'hungover' of sorts after getting back from Albuquerque late on Sunday. I slept in on both Monday & Tuesday and struggled to get back to my morning work-out routine today! Since Alex headed off to Salt Lake for work this week (he left an hour after we arrived home on Sunday night- yikes!), I've been on Stella-duty 24/7. Watching a dog full-time with no help is pretty challenging! Yesterday I planned to take her on my speedwork run outside at the track, but mother nature had other plans and it started pouring rain and didn't let up until late last night. I ended up switching my Tuesday & Wednesday workouts and did an easy 4 miles on the treadmill last night. This morning, I did 30 minutes of strength training and then began my speed work sesh.

The plan was to do half this workout this morning (since I was crunched for time before work) and finish the other half this afternoon- all outside on the track, but it started raining a mile into our run! I dropped Stella off and did the rest of the AM portion on the treadmill.

I did: 


- 1 mile w/u

-800 in 3:55; 400 recover

-1 mile @ 7:53; 800 recover

PM to be done (hopefully outside): 

- 1 mile w/u

-800 in 3:55; 400 recover

-1 mile @ 7:53; 800 recover

-400 in 1:56; 200 recover

-1200 in 5:52; 400 recover

-1-2 miles easy cool down

10-11 miles total

I fueled up after my run with this amazing deconstructed smoothie bowl. 

I added in some whole-milk plain yogurt, chia seeds, 1 banana, purely elizabeth maple walnut granola, my sweet cinnamon tahini butter, and added a dash of cinnamon. It was delicious and perfect refuel!

I'm trying to add in a few extra snacks today to refuel for my workout later today (and stay off my feet to recover) as well as get prepped for my 24 hours of no-eating (I have to have a procedure on Friday morning as a follow-up to my anemia and have to fast 24 hours prior to it)-definitely going to have a very big breakfast early tomorrow morning after my run! Not sure how I'm going to survive with no food for so long....help.

I snacked on some Trader Joes Sesame Honey Almonds (YUM) and a kiwi this morning and am already dreaming of digging into my Veggie & Turkey Mix-Up for lunch today and top it with some salsa! You can find the recipe here

Happy Wednesday!

Do you ever split-up your workouts or runs?

Ever had to fast for 24 hours? How'd it go? Any tips?

Speedwork on the track, road, treadmill, or a mix?