Weekend Recap

No crazy adventures were had this weekend (thanks snow...), since we had a giant stack of wood to pile, loads of never-ending laundry,  no food in the household, and bathrooms getting dirtier by the second (glamorous I know..); but we did manage to get out and enjoy the outdoors for a small amount! 


On Saturday, we took Stella out for a walk on one of the trails in town and enjoyed (probably) one of the last days of the beautiful Fall Foliage...


I also took Stella with me for a run around the lake that afternoon after helping stack some wood (not recommended)- I was SO exhausted after those 7 miles.


We made the Run Fast Eat Slow High Altitude Bison Meatballs and paired it with some spaghetti and sauce. Soooo tasty!


On Sunday, more chores, cooking, and stacking wood (boo...), but we also managed to get out and play with the kayaks for a bit! This was the first time that both kayaks were fixed so we could go together (one had a crack in it that we got fixed). 


There was a crazy amount of wind on the lake, so we stayed out for maybe an hour (luckily our kayaks were made for ocean-weather so neither one of us capsized!). 


Any plans for the upcoming weekend? #workingfortheweekend

We have our 3rd year anniversary weekend coming up and are still deciding where to go for dinner! Alex wants more of a fancy dinner and I'm really just wanting some good Mexican or Italian eats...What's your preference?! Settle this for us!

Kayaking...yay or nay?