Hanson's Marathon Method Week 18 Rundown

LAST WEEK OF TRAINING BEFORE RACE DAY has come and gone! Thanks for your patience while I catch up on sleep and get back to reality after traveling/race day. Here's my final week rundown and next Wednesday I'll have a full review of the Hanson's Marathon Method up on the blog (so make sure to check back!). Next week I'll be reviewing my trip and both 5k/marathon, so you definitely won't want to miss it!!


I did only easy runs this last week and tried to keep my pace super easy. I did most days on the treadmill (because of icy roads/cool weather), but played with the incline a bit. I also did one day of strength training and made sure to do a LOT of foam rolling/ icing/ legs up the wall. 

Monday: 6 Miles easy @ 9:59 on the treadmill


Tuesday: 6 miles easy @ 10:00 on the treadmill

Wednesday: 5 miles easy @ 10:01 on the treadmill; 60 minute Barre class at lunch


Thursday: 6 miles easy @ 9:50


Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 3.15 miles (5K) @ 9:40; 2 miles easy with last mile alternating every .10 pick-ups 20 seconds below goal race pace & .10 easy @ 10:00-10:20) 


Sunday: RACE DAY!


Sunshine Goods:

  • Kept easy runs easy (5k was a little too fast)
  • fit in a Barre class
  • Kept recovery a priority
  • Nutrition was on-point & drank A LOT of water throughout the week/ weekend leading up to the race

Gloomy Goods:

  • No complaints! No taper-tantrums and felt strong/ ready to run, but not overly exhausted or tight anywhere : )