Training Tuesday: AfterShokz Trekz Air PRODUCT REVIEW & Must Listen.

"Disclaimer: I received an Trekz Air Titanium Wireless Headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"


Happy Tuesday! WOW. Am I TIRED. Ha. It’s finally starting to catch-up to me, so I’m upping my fluid-intact, sleep, stretching/foam rolling 2x a day, and eating super healthy. I’ve got some stressful weeks ahead of me before the marathon, so I’m trying to everything I can to minimize the stress. Come Wednesday, I’ll have all of my “long long" runs behind me so I’ll begin to taper, which I think should relieve some of that stress (but honestly the taper is sometimes a bit stressful to me too).

Before we get into my AfterShokz product review, I NEED to share with you a podcast episode that I listened to on my long run Saturday. THIS podcast episode was mind-blowing and honestly it gets me even more excited to read her book (I just picked it up from the library). Super informative and I think that I’d like to build my next training cycle around my hormones if I can somehow figure them out??

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 2.42.22 PM.png

On a side note, you probably know by now that I’ve been testing out my AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones for a few weeks now- including on my 28 mile long run last week! Side note: I must have been slightly delirious by my last 7-mile segment because I definitely put my vest on the wrong way…Whoops.


I’m happy to report that they lasted the entire 4 and something hours I was out there. So that is definitely a bonus. But first, let’s back-track to the beautiful packaging they come in. Stella is also very interested.


So sleek and they come in this great case that my cat, Brady also equally loves (he actually picks it out of wherever I hide it and carry it about the house). I wish I had a photo to share, but he normally drops it by my feet before I can snag one!


I got the slate color and they came with also a charging cord and a 2-year warranty. I love that they have a 6-hour battery. They will get me through an entire marathon and a good majority of my 50 miler (which is perfect because I normally like to save music/podcasts as a ‘treat’ in the later miles of a race). I also really like that you can take calls from them (or ahem…ignore them…I’m looking at you telemarketers!) and they are sweat resistant.

Can ya tell I like to wear this visor a lot? Ha. I should probably wash it…

Can ya tell I like to wear this visor a lot? Ha. I should probably wash it…

One of the biggest pet-peeves that I find with ANYTHING wired is how absolutely disgusting that wire feels when you get sweaty. You know what I’m talking about… it gets coated and slimy and ugh. it’s like those really humid days where even wearing a shirt is pointless because it just gets drenched two seconds into your run. I also wondered about the bone-conduction technology. I thought it was SO COOL, but also kinda weird? Like, would I feel it in my jaw (I’ve got TMJ)? Would it move all about and prevent me from catching up on my latest podcast?

I can 100% say for certain that it didn’t feel weird and they never moved on me ONCE! I never felt them and really love how mindful I am now on the run. I don’t tune everything out and come back from my run feeling more rejuvenated and at-ease with myself as opposed to tuning out the birds chirping, cars driving by, the quietness of a morning run. They are so much safer on the roads and I can’t wait to try them on the trails this summer. I know that I’ll be able to hear wildlife approaching, mountain bikers zooming down the trail, and fellow runners coming up behind me (all of my biggest fears when on the trails alone).

Aftershokz also has an amazing video about the headphones, which I’ll share below incase you’re interested! They are so light as well. Don’t forget to get yourself a discount code if you want to try a pair out for yourself.


Ever done a training cycled that has followed your hormones?

Favorite part about running outside?

Last favorite podcast episode you listened to?