7 THINGS: That Was Fun, Not Very Comfortable?, & I Did A Thing

Well I did it. 28 miles on Saturday. It was amazing, fun, not as challenging as I expected, and really confidence-boosting. I used my car as an “aid station” and broke each segment up into 7 miles. I had 4 different 7 mile out-and-backs that I used (all different directions to keep it fun) and would take a gel when I turned around, change my shoes when I got back to my car, and force myself to eat & drink something before heading back out for the next 7 mile segment. I did 2 pit-stops to pee, but otherwise didn’t stop. It was still relatively flat, but I had gained over 3,000’ the previous 4 days from my runs, so didn’t necessarily want to go crazy with the hills for my run. I’m excited to be almost at the taper! Just a few more high-mileage days left. 20 days until Eugene!


Post- 28 miler deliciousness. Jerk TurkeyLT from Meat & Seafood Company for the win.


Maple did not look very comfortable bird-watching this weekend…or maybe she was? I never know what goes on through our cats minds…


Picked up 2 new books at the library! Super excited for ROAR.


The best dinner after my long run. Sirloin Steak (Meat & Seafood Comp. was having their Anniversary sale and we snagged this baby for $12!), sweet potatoes, and edamame.


Sunday runday in almost SIXTY DEGREE WEATHER?!?


I did a thing too. MS Virtual Run for the start of the 2019 Relay! The medal was SO CUTE too!



-Ever split up a long run into smaller segments to make it seem more manageable?

-Favorite post-long run dinner?

-Weirdest place/position your cat have ever bird watched?