Sneak Preview @ Training Plan for MS Run The US

Happy HUMPDAY! Oh my gosh, WHAT a WEEK this has been! Between the excitement of the Holiday season kicking off, Cyber Monday, GIVING TUESDAY, all the wonderful donations and support I've gotten for my MS Run The US Fundraiser, and beginning my Runners World Run Streak- this week is FLYING BY! I hope yours has been the same ; )


I wanted to share with you the training plan that I put together for my MS Run the US 175 mile Relay run (while also training for a possible Marathon PR in mid-April) in May 2018. MS Run the US provides us with a 3-step multi-week build-ups (depending upon the level of fitness you are currently at). The first step builds you up to running a half marathon (averaging ~30 miles a week); second step builds you up to running a marathon (averaging ~50-60 miles a week); third step builds you up to running 6 x 26.2 mile runs (averaging ~70 miles a week)! 


Because I was in such great shape from doing the Hansons Marathon Method and I peaked around 63 miles a week, I decided that I would use that training plan for my Spring Marathon (to be announced SOON when I post my races for next year!! I'm almost 100% set on one, just need to sign up) which will in mid-April (a month prior to my relay). After my marathon is done, I will have around 4 weeks left to build my mileage up another ~10-13 miles to peak around 71-75 miles a week two weeks before my relay.

I will be running 6 days a week from here on out. I've begun building my base mileage now (for the next three weeks) and am really trying to focus on strength training and getting in easy runs before my next training cycle kicks off the last week in December. 

Strength Training, trail running, AND hill training are going to be BIG components in my plan from now until my relay. I have two very large mountain passes to climb up AND over, as well as varying terrain so I know building up my glute and lower body strength is what will propel me up and over those passes. I haven't done too much trail running in the past, so I plan to incorporate my every-other-week double 10 mile runs (one on Friday; one on Saturday) with a trail run on one day and a hill run on the other day. 


When I say "hill run" I'm not talking about hill repeats, I'm talking about finding the hillest courses I can (and VARYING those courses each time) and running on them (even if I have to do multiple loops). I also really want to try out many various trails to run on, so I challenge myself each week. For both of these workouts, my pace will remain SUPER easy and I will mainly be focusing on FORM and activating those muscle groups that are important. 

It is definitely pretty daunting to see the next SIX MONTHS laid out infront of me, but I am also SUPER excited! I can't wait to become a stronger runner and conquer this major accomplishment! 


For my 2018 race calendar, as well as goals for 2018- I'll be posting those over here shortly (as well as reflecting on this past year), so make sure to keep checking back ; )

I will continue to post weekly training logs, so you can follow my journey and will also include a recap of my 40-day Run Streak!

Ever participated in a Run Streak?

Ever done a relay? 

Trail Running- yay or nay?

Any tips/advice for me!?!?