Happy Monday and happy first day of classes to me! I cannot believe how quickly the past few weeks have gone and I’ve already started on the crazy amount of homework I have. All of my readings have been so interesting to me, so no complaints thus far : ) I’m also still day-dreaming about this Brownie Sundae from Flatbreads (if you’re ever in North Conway, NH —> you MUST go here!) that my mom & grandmother & I shared Saturday night. Drool-worthly.


Brady is NOT a fan of me going back to school. He staged a protest yesterday and layed on my books. Good thing I still had many other textbooks to read from ; )


I ran an impromptu trail 5k Saturday morning at Whiteaker Woods in North Conway, NH and somehow ended up getting 3rd female overall?! The course was a bit short (2.8 miles) and the field smallish (30-35 runners?), but still grateful anytime you walk-away with an overall placement : )


I also think that I may have a running shoe problem. I only had my car as the means to transport my stuff (most is coming with Alex in Uhaul in a few weeks), but somehow managed to fit all of these in my car?!? IDK. I guess there are worst problems to have! At least I’ve already used them all since arriving in Maine.


Brady worked on his sink-fitting skills.


And I read up on my 50 miler (SUNDAY!!!) training prep. I’m feeling pretty content with my training and preparation. I started making a packing list and also food list of items I want to bring with me. I’m planning to have it all ready to go by Thursday so I don’t need to pack last-minute.


Also came back across THIS in my ultra training book (Training for Your First Ultra by Krissy Moel) and I will be remembering to spread it like peanut butter through my race.



Anyone racing this next weekend?!? What/ where?! I want the details!

Brownie Sundaes - are you a fan?

Trail 5ks - harder or easier than road 5ks? —> I think they are easier, but I’ve never actually ‘raced’ a road 5k, so I’m just guessing ; )


You know when you go on vacation and come back and are constantly wondering what day it is? Yeah. That’s definitely me today. It’s a Monday, but really kinda feels like a Wednesday? to me. One of the best things about this weekend was that the lake trail is now dry and snow-free! I got out there on Saturday morning and was so so happy. I’m planning on getting back out there today to get my last 20+ mile run until my 50 miler! I’ll simulate the race course by doing a 3-mile warmup (the course has us do a 3 mile loop and then 3 x 25k loops) and then 2 loops of the 10 mile lake trail. It’s supposed to be rainy until Friday, so I think mother nature is giving me a sign that today is my long run day ; )


Brady was also in his usual spot last night - he loves to hide behind our fan while we go to sleep?!? Anyone elses cat do this?


After I ran Saturday morning, we headed to the movies to see the new Avengers: End Game! It was SO good. Normally I have a really hard time watching a movie that is 3 hours long, but this one was done so well and it honestly felt like several movies in one.


Also weekend chores including laundry. Just realized that Brady is basically the highlight of this past weekend. I guess I missed him on my trip ; )


The weather was so beautiful this weekend, so we also took advantage and got a few things done outside including taking the cats out! There are too many coyotes, mountain lions, and foxes near our home so we choose to keep them indoors, but will take them out on leaches/ harnesses during the warmer months.

Maple says her harness complements her fur so well.

Maple says her harness complements her fur so well.

Cat bouquet!

I think this photo also gives nice scale to how giant Brady is compared to Maple. Ha. I  swear  they are brother/sister!

I think this photo also gives nice scale to how giant Brady is compared to Maple. Ha. I swear they are brother/sister!

And we went out for a hike out Mad Creek yesterday afternoon! The trails were crazy busy, but DRY so yay!



-How was your weekend?!?

-Anyone else see the Avengers movie this weekend? Thoughts? No spoilers though!

-Are the trails dry where you are?


Last day as a 28 year old!!

THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Saw this article on Runner’s World by Kiera Carter and got SO excited. I’ll continue to plug away at the slow-twitch muscle fibers and believe that the sky is the limit, because that’s basically the point of this article ; )

Even though I don’t leave until Friday for Eugene, my mind is already focusing on all that vacation time. My mom is meeting me in Portland and then we’re driving down to Eugene Saturday morning. We have a tiny house all picked out for Sat & Sun night and then are heading up the coast of Oregon, so hoping for a few nice beach days! Can’t forget to pack my swimsuit!!


Easy Friday night dinner- appetizer platter!  


Just doing my usual taper things- cleaning out the fridge 🤣 


60 degrees out on Saturday called for some ice cream! First one this year 😋 


Sunday morning breakfast & a running rest day.  


Marathon taper + Rest day = extra time to read and sip some coffee ☕️  



Favorite type of ice cream cone?  

Best way to spend a rest day?  

3 things you did this weekend?  


7 THINGS & Marathon Goals Update?

I was so distracted/ excited for the Boston Marathon that I totally forgot to do my 7 things yesterday! It was so unbelievably inspiring to watch the race and that men’s finish?!? Incredible. I also really enjoyed this entire article from Boston.com.

And those finishers who selflessly helped other runners cross the finish line when they couldn’t by themselves? Or crawling across the finish line. It really brings tears to my eyes. Runners are just so wonderful and selfless human beings. Our community is amazing.

In other news, we spent our weekend NOT doing the dishes (clearly). I’d really love it if we could have a working dishwasher. Is that so much to ask?


Brady climbed to new heights. His balance is really truly remarkable.


More snow/ ice on Saturday meant for a VERY long drive to Fort Collins & back.


I had to renew my CPR certification through the American Heart Association, so I drove down there and back in one day. It ended up taking over 9 1/2 hours of driving (and 4 in the classroom) because the roads were pretty awful/scary Saturday morning. Also, did you know that baby’s diapers apparently have power buttons on them? Yeah, me neither!


Easiest meal plan ever for this week. Ha.


And a whole ‘lotta wall squats on Friday! Gotta get these legs nice and strong to get me through my 50 miler AND up Mt. Washington!



So, I skipped my long runs this weekend. I actually skipped ALL of my runs this weekend. Saturday took its toll on me and Sunday, I was so exhausted from being in the car all day/ having to skip lunch because I had no time before my class began/ and honestly- I just did not feel like running. It was cold and windy out and running just sounded awful. So, I didn’t run. Also- my marathon tempos have been all over the place. I haven’t actually ‘hit’ my goal pace since the end of March and this is leaving me feeling a bit well, uncertain of what I can expect at Eugene.


I know that I can fairly easily ‘hit’ the 26.2 miles, but I also really really wanted to see that 3:3x on the clock when I crossed the finish line. All of my tempos leading up until the end of March told me that it was possible, but now with so many really irregular (and well dare I say, crappy) tempo runs I’m not so sure. It’s also really unlike me to NOT want to run. The last time I felt like this, I was anemic so I have already made an appointment with my doc to get some blood tests. Maybe it’s all in my head? Maybe it’s hormones? IDK, but I want to feel like myself again and hit those runs feeling amazing! I’ll keep you posted, but right now- I think and truly believe that a PR is within me. I just need to keep on mentally visualizing the race (I’ve been doing that a BUNCH), reading all the inspiring books, and recovering like a champ during these next 12 DAYS!

I’m happy to acknowledge what my body is feeling and actually ACT on it (normally I don’t!). So, I guess this is what adulting feels like? IDK. Do you? And I’m not sharing this for anyone to feel SORRY for me- I like to keep it honest here and share my thoughts because I honestly feel like there are way too many people other sharing with ‘rose gold glasses’. Maybe you’ve felt like this too? Maybe you haven’t, but maybe it might make you feel better to know that you’re not alone- so I hope this helps YOU!


-Ever have to adjust your race plans? How’d it go? Any suggestions?

-Favorite thing about Boston yesterday? Anyone RUN it? How’d it go?!?

-Cats- how do they balance so well like that?!?

-Meal planners —> favorite ‘leftovers’ recipes?

7 THINGS: That Was Fun, Not Very Comfortable?, & I Did A Thing

Well I did it. 28 miles on Saturday. It was amazing, fun, not as challenging as I expected, and really confidence-boosting. I used my car as an “aid station” and broke each segment up into 7 miles. I had 4 different 7 mile out-and-backs that I used (all different directions to keep it fun) and would take a gel when I turned around, change my shoes when I got back to my car, and force myself to eat & drink something before heading back out for the next 7 mile segment. I did 2 pit-stops to pee, but otherwise didn’t stop. It was still relatively flat, but I had gained over 3,000’ the previous 4 days from my runs, so didn’t necessarily want to go crazy with the hills for my run. I’m excited to be almost at the taper! Just a few more high-mileage days left. 20 days until Eugene!


Post- 28 miler deliciousness. Jerk TurkeyLT from Meat & Seafood Company for the win.


Maple did not look very comfortable bird-watching this weekend…or maybe she was? I never know what goes on through our cats minds…


Picked up 2 new books at the library! Super excited for ROAR.


The best dinner after my long run. Sirloin Steak (Meat & Seafood Comp. was having their Anniversary sale and we snagged this baby for $12!), sweet potatoes, and edamame.


Sunday runday in almost SIXTY DEGREE WEATHER?!?


I did a thing too. MS Virtual Run for the start of the 2019 Relay! The medal was SO CUTE too!



-Ever split up a long run into smaller segments to make it seem more manageable?

-Favorite post-long run dinner?

-Weirdest place/position your cat have ever bird watched?