Training Tuesday: Shady Rays Product Review!

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Happy Tuesday! I’ll be stepping back from my blog for a bit to focus on life priorities. I’m stepping back actually from most social-media related things. I’ve got a lot going and finally realized on Friday that it’s kinda zapping my love for running. I LOVE to run, but when it starts to feel like a task to post about my run and having certain expectations to meet on my runs, then that’s not so fun anymore. I want to continue to ignite that fire and honestly platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook just aren’t doing it for me at the moment (and feeling like I HAVE to post on my blog versus I WANT to post are two very different things). I’m not sure how long I’ll take (maybe I’ll feel ‘back to normal’ tomorrow or maybe I’ll decide ‘hey, this is pretty nice too..’), but I’ll still post my weekly training recaps & I have another Training Tuesday prewritten that’s scheduled next week (it’s a GOOD one!).

Now, let’s get to my review of Shady Rays- I got their Pink Sunset Ice Polarized. First, let’s chat about how CUTE that name is?! They kinda had me just from that title.

I’m really particular about my running sunglasses. I want something that is really cute, affordable (because honestly they’re just running sunglasses), fits my teeny-tiny face/head (yes, I CAN fit into child’s size small hats), lightweight, and durable. I really dislike the typical ‘running sunglass look’ where you kinda look like the terminator.

They also come in a cute color, then well that’s even better (a color that makes me feel fast is obviously what I want and need in life at ALL times). Something that really impressed me about the Shady Rays website is the sheer amount of sunglasses they offer! I also love that they offer free replacements. As someone who’s previously worked for small independent businesses, I really appreciate when other businesses also offer free warranty replacements. I think it says A LOT about how much they believe in their product.

When I first took mine out for a test run, I put them in my running jacket pocket because it was that ‘in-between raining/ cloudiness’. I normally wear sunglasses when it’s raining or snowing hard because my poor eyes DO NOT like to be blinded by it. In my pocket, they were so light that they didn’t move around at all! I was so impressed that I could just keep them in there and not feel them. I think that if I had a pocket big enough to hold them while racing (i.e. in my Honey Stinger Race Jersey), I could do that and not even notice that they were there! Side note: I’m excited to race with them in Moab Canyonlands 1/2 on Saturday!


While they’re light, they are sturdy. They certainly won’t be broken easily (which is saying something because I’m TOUGH on my running gear —> I need them withstand a lot when I’m packing them in my backpack for my 50 miler this Spring).

I love that they don’t fog-up on you either (a serious need when you’re a sweaty racer like I am). I’ve tested them out on sunny, rainy, snowy, and overcast runs (because I live in Colorado and honestly our weather lately has been INSANE) - they are magical. The price-point is great, especially when you consider how they feel real expensive.

Overall, I can’t wait to wear these out and about not just on my runs, but in everyday life because they are stylish! When I put together my race recap next week, I’ll let you guys know how they perform in race situations! I’m sure they’ll be amazing like they have been throughout my training runs : )


Don’t forget to get yourself a pair! —> "RAVE" good for 50% off 2+ pairs from the Shade Shop!