My First Clinical Thoughts

I’ve been in my first clinical rotation at the hospital for the past month and thought it would be fun to share some things I’ve learned thus far. I had NO idea what to expect going into my first rotation (mine is medical-surgical) and honestly I’m really happy I didn’t have any expectations. It’s been nice to just go into things ‘blindly’ and just take a leap of faith each week (albeit, also kinda-really-terrifying). We had two simulation labs this summer that focused on both clinical procedures and patient assessments and now, we’re utilizing everything we learned on the hospital floor (supervised and guided).

Some of the things that I’ve loved thus far: how so-much-less-scary it was than I imagined - I was terrified the first 3 weeks of my clinical and finally, I realized that I’m actually really prepared for this next step! I was also really surprised at how much I really love it- it’s been so nice to finally feel like I’m ‘in my element’ and found something that I can be truly excited, challenged, and passionate about. I’m also really surprised at how much more I know than I thought I did! Those two labs this past summer taught me so much. They were really challenging, but I’m really thankful for them. I’m also surprised at how much I already know about reading patients charts, vitals, how to do the ‘little things that kinda seem scary’ like moving a patients bed/turning off their alarm/ assisting the patient with mobility etc.

Some things that I’ve been intimidated by: Going into the patient room by myself seemed real scary at first, but I’ve gotten ‘used’ to it. I’m still a bit scared, but I’m sure that will come with time! It’s also been intimidating being in the room with the team of doctors, however they are all so wonderful and supportive and value the nurses feedback - so nothing to be intimidated about there either! Just wandering around the hospital still seems a bit overwhelming (it’s HUGE!), but it’s already starting to feel more familiar which is nice.

I’m already surprised by: how much I’ve grown over the past month as both a person and a student nurse. I also cannot believe at how my patients and instructors have already changed how I ‘view’ the world- so much more empathetically and positively. I’m trying to spread those things like wildfire : )

Needless to say- I’m really excited to see where I’m at in the next month/ at the end of this clinical/ at the end of the program in August 2020!


Any other student nurses (or used-to-be- student nurses) out there? I’d love to hear your experiences of your first clinical!