Feature Friday: On The Road & Songs On My Running Playlist!

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to check off a new state off my half marathon race bucket list tomorrow morning. I’m also really excited to visit the Expo later today (Vacation Races are seriously one of my favorite race series- they have some of the best swag and absolutely incredible views). I’m also pretty pumped for how many cupcakes I can consume post-race.

My goal for the half tomorrow morning is to do the first 6 miles easy (which will be challenging to hold back on my pace!), next 6 cutting back to half marathon race pace, final 2 miles all-out. I’m also planning to do a mile warm-up before the race to shake-out my legs.

I’m still in the process of putting together my playlist for the morning, but here are some songs that I’ve been really LOVING right now.

Also I literally CANNOT stop watching this dance video. Obsessed.

Also a little Friday Funny video from The Ellen Show because we all need a reason to laugh today. I love Ellen so much. Go watch it right meow.

What are some songs that are on your race-day playlist?

Favorite race series?

Cupcakes or cake?