Trail Thursday: Tips For Staying Warm Backpacking In The Fall & Wednesday Recap!

Happy Friday-eve! I’ve been brainstorming what to write about today since I’ve kinda run out of trails to recap (or at least I THINK I have for the moment…), but then I got to thinking on my run this morning how fun backpacking in the Fall is (but staying warm is always a HUGE factor in whether or not you enjoy the experience)! So that’s what I’m sharing today- some things that I’ve learned to stay warm out there and still enjoy the crisp air.

Speaking of crisp air….it was COLD this morning 28* to start my run and unfortunately it’s going to get COLDER before it gets warmer (i.e. 9* is the LOW for Sunday night?!?). 7.25 miles plus some strides for a total of 7.65 to kick off Thursday. I’m getting more and more excited for our trip to Lake Powell NEXT weekend - the high there right now is looking to be around 60 and low in the upper 40s…amazing.


Yesterday I tried out a new look at the salon…kidding. I just got some highlights since we’re planning on getting our engagement photos done tomorrow!


Also Brady is continually fascinated by the Fridge. I am slightly concerned that one morning we’re going to shut him in there and forget (and he’ll be stuck in the fridge the entire day). Hopefully this will NEVER happen.


So I’m pretty much always cold (my fingers and toes are just freezing at all times…sometimes even on the warmest Summer days!), so staying warm (especially when backpacking) is kinda my speciality.

One thing that I always bring with me whether camping, backpacking, or anytime of the year really (sometimes I wish I could snuggle up in it at home too…) - I love my Big Agnes Ethel 0*


A warm cup of coffee. I love to carry along a mason jar (normally fill it with water, but ya know…sometimes it’s wine instead) with a koozie for those warmer drinks. Also hot cocoa for dessert (especially when you can’t have a campfire) - Ah-maz-ing.


Warmer socks x 2. I have a tendency to somehow always get my feet wet when hiking in, so 2 pairs of socks (regardless of weather) is always necessary. When it’s expected to be really cold out, I wear 2 pairs of socks to sleep and also tuck in a pair of the Hand (or toe) warmers in between my sock layers. Also a water bottle filled with hot water also feels amazing.


A warm tent. We have the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV Ultra Light Mtn Glow (which isn’t the best for super chilly temperatures, but we made due with extra layers).


Leggings. I love leggings and probably would wear them everyday if I could. Skirts + leggings = a cute, comfy look that I rock way too often in the winter/ late Fall. I sleep in them and then pop them on with my skort in the morning hours before we leave our campsite (super easy to take them off too when it warms up later in the morning).


A warm coat that can fold up into itself. My Big Agnes Shovelhead jacket folds into its interior pocket and feels like I’m wearing a sleeping bag every time I slip it on. If it’s really cold out, I also will keep it inside my sleeping for extra warmth.


I will definitely disclose that my boyfriend, Alex, works at Big Agnes so we did get killer deals on all of their products (which is why we literally have so many coats/ tents/ sleeping bags etc.), BUT all of the items are my absolute favorites to use when backpacking regardless.

How do you stay warm when camping outdoors in the Fall?

What’s the weather like where you are?

Sleeping bags- love ‘em or hate ‘em?