10 Half & Full Marathons That Are Bucket-List Worthy

I've had my eye on so many half & full marathons and you can really only travel SO MUCH each year, but someday I will get to do them all! I feel like almost every runner has at least a few races that they really really want to run someday, so I've compiled a list of 10 (ehhh....11 because I couldn't narrow it down) races that I really want to run and would love to hear from you with the races that are on YOUR bucket list! Sharing is caring!

  1. New York City Marathon
  2. Chicago Marathon
  3. Boston Marathon
  4. Big Sur Marathon
  5. Marine Corps Marathon
  6. 500 Festival Mini-Marathon
  7. Mount Washington Road Race
  8. Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon/ Half-Marathon
  9. SeaWheeze Half Marathon
  10. The Kauai Marathon
  11. Disneyland Paris Half Marathon

I tried to pick a mixture of both half & full marathons and those in almost every state! Unfortunately some of these races are done by lottery, so it could be many years before I'm able to get in (or qualify). 

What races have you done on this list or which ones you'd love to do someday?

I think Disneyland Paris is definitely one that I would absolutely LOVE to do and hope I can make this happen someday! I've never been to Paris, so being able to explore more of Europe would also be amazing. 

Also just being able to visit Hawaii is something I want to do within the next ten years and I will HAVE to run there when I get to go! 

I hope you are recovered from your New Years Eve and going back to work isn't too terrible....Ugh only 4 days until the weekend!