Mountain Madness RECAP & Some Random Photos For You!

Happy Friday-eve! I'm still on that recovery mode, so maybe I'll get in 6 miles later today or maybe I won't! This week is all about recovery and not pushing myself so next week I can really kick it in to training for Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Marathon! I've got my Mountain Madness Half Marathon Recap up for you HERE. 

I've also got a few random photos for you. 

Stella & Maple have really started to bond lately. Also it's so cute how Maple is SUPER cuddly first thing in the morning, but later in the day --> she wants NOTHING to do with us! 


Meditation has been going REALLY well lately. I missed a few days last week (thanks to race-day craziness), but I think it's helped keep me more mindful and present rather than focusing either on the past or future. I love this saying too. 


Kitten cuddles because why not?


These frozen salmon burgers are SO tasty. Plus with a side of spinach salad & sourdough toast --> yummmmm. 


Also- Maple & Brady have gotten SO BIG. They're basically grown-up already and I can't believe they turn ONE next month! Ugh. I want them to go back to being cute, cuddly kittens. 


Anyone a fan of frozen burgers? --> normally I'm not, but those salmon ones are delicious. 

Training Tuesday- Leg & Balance Strengtheners!

Happy Tuesday! I'm not feeling too sore after my race on Saturday, but still playing it safe and focusing on getting enough *good* nutrition and sleep to recover well. I may try to run later today- just depends on how I feel (if I do- I'll keep the pace SUPER easy to keep my heart rate down low). Since this wasn't a goal race and I didn't push the pace too much, I'm not going to take my typical 2-3 weeks off from running. How many days do you take off from running after a race? 

I wanted to share with you two exercises that I LOVE to do that help with my balance, leg/ abs/ glute strength. These are two really great exercises that if you can only fit in 5 minutes of strength training --> DO THESE! Remember, I'm just using my undergraduate Bachelors of Exercise Science background to share with you some of my favorite exercises, but please consult a doctor/ trained physician/ trainer before starting/ resuming a new exercise program :)

  • Balanced Lunges to knee lift
    • try starting with 10 on each side; I also love to use a Thera-band around my quads to get even more resistance!
  • Squats (doing them without sneakers helps focus on your balance more)
    • try starting with 10 (you can also use the Thera-band around your quads for more resistance). Try to imagine sitting back in a chair and *make sure* to engage your core (belly-button to spine) to get an ab workout in there too. Knees should never go past your toes!

What are some of your favorite strength training exercises?

Have a great Tuesday! 

I'll have two race recaps for you later this week! Thursday will feature my Mountain Madness Half Marathon Recap and Friday will have my 50k race recap, so make sure to check back!