Garmin Forerunner 235! The mileage has been really accurate, I love the various watch faces that I can download (like this I Run this Body one from Mile-Posts), the heart rate monitor (however doesn't seem to be 100% accurate, but it's nice to have a range), and various ways that I can track my progress (on the watch itself, the app on my iPhone, and on their website). You can find more about it here. Only big complaint that I have of it, is that the indoor running workout is nowhere near accurate! 


Brooks Ghost 9

These shoes are light-weight, dependable, kept me injury-free (I know have 4 pair), and are worth every penny! Plus they come in super awesome powerful colors which always help me during a tough run.


2XU Thermal Compression Tights

Thermal Compression Tights- need I say more? These are a staple on almost every run I do in the winter. The compression feels amazing and the thermal helps protect my legs against the snow/ wind/ rain. They're worth the price if you hate having cold legs (like I do)!



2XU Mid-Rise Compression Tights

Just like my thermal tights, these pants are so amazing and continue to keep my legs refreshed throughout my entire run. They're definitely tight to get on, but the compression that they provide is in its own field. I also really love 2xu's compression socks- I tried them at a race expo and have been a fan ever since!

Momentum Motivate Wraps

Who doesn't love to accessorize while on the run or during your race with motivational kick-ass sayings? This bracelet is super light, customizable (with different sayings/ colors) and wicks sweat during any athletic activity. I wouldn't recommend getting it wet, but you can do just about anything else with it and they're also super cute gifts!