Happy Monday! I can’t believe we’re already into June?!? May flew by, but I’m hoping that June goes by slower! I’ve got my first exam on Wednesday and Alex should be arriving on Thursday I think! I’m so excited to see him & Stella. It’s been almost a month and while it’s gone by really fast, I’ve still missed them and so excited to begin this next chapter of our lives together!  


Let’s flashback to Friday night—> I spent it gardening (until 8:30 at night!?!?) and I was SO SORE the next day. Landscapers- you have my utmost respect because it was HARD work & you all also must be jacked 💪🏻


Also got a bunch of flowers on sale at Home Depot! SO nice to live so close to things like this again! Some bundles of 8 were only $1! 


Did a bunch of studying Friday & Saturday as well! Brady’s not a fan. 


Did a lot of cleaning & organizing to get ready for Alex and all of our things to arrive! Brady was very happy I cleaned off this chair 🤣


Watched my mom kick butt at her Sprint Triathlon Saturday morning! It was SO chilly at the start (around 50*) -I have no idea how they were in this water?!


Went to Sherman’s Farm for ice cream & some fresh produce Sunday afternoon. Going to try to cook some fiddleheads as well—> anyone have any good recipes to cook them?!? Also local friends/ if you visit Mt Washington Valley area—> you must visit here! 



Favorite ice cream flavor?!? I got Black Raspberry! 

Gardening- anyone else really find it relaxing?! 

Fiddlehead lovers- recipes?!? 

50 Miler Training RUndown 5/20-5/26

Happy Humpday! Last week was my second taper week. I also adjusted my training plan a bit because I didn’t want to go too much above 60 miles in the week (since I generally use the 10% rule every-other-week to add additional mileage). I did 57 miles the week before I began to taper, so around 60 was a good sweet-spot for me. SO that meant that I really only had around 10 miles to cover before race day (bonus when you run a really long race ; ) ….).

Monday, 5/20: Rest day. First day of classes!

Tuesday, 5/21: 4 miles with 4 x 2:00 surges (1 minute off)


Wednesday, 5/22: 3 miles easy


Thursday, 5/23: 30 minute hike at 12% incline on the treadmill & stretching


Friday, 5/24: Rest Day. Picked up my bib!

Saturday, 5/25: 2 miles easy with 4 x :20 strides


Sunday, 5/26: RACE DAY! 52.1 miles


Total Mileage: 61.2 miles

Total Elevation: 5, 095’ up

7 THINGS Tuesday Edition

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s Tuesday. That means that I’ve got a 4 hour lab nice and early and then the afternoon to get some studying done. I have my first exam (already!) next week, so I’ll be beginning prep for that this week. I did NOT sleep well the night after the race mainly because my body was just incredibly stiff and the bed that I’m currently sleeping on (Alex arrives with the rest of our things next week!!!) is not the best. I woke up at 5am and couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m able to go up & down stairs (a bit better than I’ve felt going up/down stairs during some marathons) OK, but the thing that surprised me most about my soreness is my ribs/ back area. It’s funny how we use all sorts of different muscles on those really long runs! Flashback to Saturday morning on the screened-in porch.


Went out for a nice and easy 2 mile run.


Still in awe of how many STEPS I took on Sunday?!?


Iced Coffee the next morning after a race is pure heaven. I really don’t think there is anything better than that.


Still can’t believe how bloody my first loop shoes got. Also the back of my heel looks really really gross right now. So glad it’s flip flop season.


Tried to clean my shoes the best way I could. Ha. I let the washer fill up with detergent and water and then soaked my shoes for a few minutes before dousing them in water and letting them dry outside.


Also played hairstylist on Brady. That was fun for one of us. Don’t worry, I took the clothes pins off right after I took this photo ; )


Have a great shortened week!


How do you clean off your trail shoes? OR do you clean them?

Best thing after a race?


Happy Memorial Day! The best day to kick-off summer with cook-outs, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. I hope you have the BEST day. I’ll be having a pretty grand day because I DID IT!


I’ve got my 50 miler race recap here for you.

I may have also bought out the entire Rite Aid with blister band-aids. Sorry if you needed some.


Have a fantastic day!