Travel Thursday- Turquoise Lake

I wanted to share one of my favorite travel spots up on the blog here today! We went to Turquoise Lake in Leadville, Colorado a few years ago (after a mis-hap with a reserved Yurt...long story...gist: it involved getting stuck on a dirt road and having to backdown the road for a good 1/2 mile...) and it is a beautiful spot with stunning views!

We ended up scoring a campsite at the last minute (because of the yurt mishap) and enjoyed a fantastic night in the high country. I was still in a boot from my PRP injection, so I couldn't do too much hiking/exploring, which was perfect to keep us relaxing with a good book by the lake (that is turquoise-looking). I can't remember exactly what campsite we stayed at, however I would recommend any spot that you come to! You really can't go wrong no matter where you set-up (but I would recommend reserving ahead and try to stay there for a few days, maybe even plan to hike a 14er while you are there!). The road that takes you to the lake continues throughout the entire lake, so it's also a great spot to run or visit various viewpoints (although the one where we set-up was my favorite since you get a good view of Mt. Elbert and others in the background).