Travel Thursday- Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell is definitely one of the premier natural wonders that Utah has to offer! I had no idea how stunning the majority of Utah is, until I moved to Colorado! If you haven't been there yet put it on your bucket list (and at the TOP of your bucketlist). The amount of natural canyons, rock formations, hiking, boating, rock climbing, biking that this state has to offer is incredible.

I traveled to Lake Powell over July 4th a few years ago and as a group, we had rented a house boat (DEFINITELY do.this. if you can). We were there a few days and it's such a large body of water that you feel alone (at times), also the fireworks on the water remains one of the best I've experienced (besides those that I saw in Florence). It does get really hot there (I'm not sure about the weather come late Fall/winter), but because you are surrounded by water there's no better way to cool-off!


Ever been to Utah? Favorite part?

If you HAVEN'T been to Utah, what is on your bucket list?

What other spots are on your must-see? -->I'm dying to go to the PNW, Seattle and Vancouver particularly!