Travel Thursday- Where I WANT To Go Round 3 ABROAD EDITION

You may be counting this as Friday-eve, but since I have to teach skiing both days this weekend it's more like Monday to me...ugh. Oh well! The end is in sight and I have next weekend completely off! YAY! We are traveling to Denver next Monday-Thursday for the Outdoor Retailer Show, so my running schedule will be a bit funky. I have an easy 6 miles on the schedule today and an 11-hour workday ahead of me...I can't wait to have a free night off again! I hope you have a wonderful day and get to get outside even just for a few minutes...

OK, so far we have Big Sur & Seattle on my travel bucketlist, but I have also been dying to travel abroad! I've only ever made it to Italy, so there are so many fantastic places that I want to visit, but Paris is definitely at the top of my list (helllooo RunDisney Disneyland Paris ! #bucketlistrace). I think my fascination with Paris began when I started taking French lessons way back in 7th grade. We would read books and look at photos of Paris and from then on, I was HOOKED! 


1. EIFFEL TOUR...duh...

download (2).jpg

2. DISNEYLAND PARIS...another obvious one...

download (1).jpg
download (3).jpg

What is one place that is on your abroad bucket list to visit?

Ever been to Paris?

Where would you recommend if visiting Europe?

RunDisney Disneyland Paris- yay or nay?