Training Rundown- Week 5 MS Run The US

Week 5 is done and gone! Last week went really well (for the most part). It has definitely been challenging to run and train during the month of January (normally I take this month off from any serious training programs and begin in mid-to-late February). I've also been working a BUNCH on the weekends and week nights teaching skiing, so that has not left a lot of room for any sort of flexibility. I got in 4 outdoor runs and 2 treadmill runs, so I'm pretty proud of that ratio and try to keep a few of my runs a week on the treadmill (just to keep my pace extra easy). I fit in 3 strength training sessions (including one Jumpboard Reformer Pilates class) and also was able to Epsom Salt soak twice/ foam roll a few times. I haven't gotten sick yet this year, so that is also a HUGE step in the right direction because normally this is where I start to get a week or two of a cold during marathon training as my body adapts. 

Monday: 7 miles; 1.5 warm-up; 6 x 1 km @ 4:24 (actual: 4:38*, 4:33*, 4:24, 4:24, 4:21, 4:20--> *done outside in single digit temps (too cold for me to do speedwork & did the remaining on the treadmill); .5 cool-down. I just became frustrated with this run (having to do some indoors & some outside) and ran out of time and just was ready to be done so cut it a mile short. Finished with 7 miles. 60 minutes of Jumpboard Pilates Reformer at lunch. Taught a ski lesson at tired!!


Tuesday: 6 miles easy @ 9:40 on the treadmill. Slept in a bit too much (thanks to the kittens for being WAY too cuddly) and had to go at a faster easy pace than I normally like to between my speed & tempo days. 

Wednesday: 9 miles; 1.5 warm-up; 6 miles @ tempo 8:35 (actual: 7:51? I think my garmin was off and thinking my pace was more around 8:05/8:10); 1.5 cool-down. 30 minutes of strength training afterwards. I waited to do this run in the afternoon when the sun was shining and temps were right around 30*. It was beautiful and gained 202', which was pretty good for a tempo run! Epsom salt bath to recover at the end of the day. I also saw a bald eagle during the start of my tempo run and this was so important to propel me forward because the day that my grandfather passed, I was out on a run and saw a bald eagle and decided that that was his spirit animal! It was so great to know that he was watching me run. 


Thursday: 7 miles easy @ 9:55 on the treadmill. Kept the pace easy and felt strong on my run. 


Friday: 12 miles @ 9:03-9:18 long-slow pace (actual: 9:08). Gained 266' during this run and started before 6am. It was SO cold and most everything I had ended up freezing, but I got it done! 

Prep for my long run the night before! Getting up at 4:30 is definitely NEVER easy!

Prep for my long run the night before! Getting up at 4:30 is definitely NEVER easy!

Saturday: 6 miles easy


Sunday: Rest Day

Positive Splits:

  • Hit my long run pace
  • Hit my tempo pace
  • Fit in three strength training session
  • Fit in two epsom salt recovery baths
  • Foam rolled a bunch
  • Nutrition was pretty good & hydration was on point!

Negative Splits:

  • That speed workout was terrible. Total disaster!

Happy humpday! I hope your training is going well!