Training Rundown- Week 4 MS Run The US

How does a month go by so quickly?! I seriously cannot believe that I'm already over 4 weeks into my training for MS Run The US. I've accumulated over 130 miles during this training cycle already, but will definitely need to bump that number up since I'll need to cover 175 miles OVER 6 DAYS in May! Overall, my schedule is still feeling really good and I'm super happy that I've still been able to fit in strength training 3 times a week through this cycle (one of my New Years Resolutions). I've also been able to keep up with Yoga once a week, which I think really helps stretch me out and not keep me so tight. I fit in a massage session on Friday, which really helped loosen my leg/ foot muscles up. This week had a lot of miles done on the treadmill because we had a crazy amount of snow/ice and it was just a bit too dangerous to run outside in the morning. 


Monday: 7.5 miles; 1.5 mile warm-up; 6 x 800m @ 3:35 (actual: 3:37, 3:35, 3:35, 3:33, 3:33, 3:32); 1.5 mile cool-down; I actually did a 2 mile warm-up run in the morning before work with a hard 40 minute strength/ foam rolling session then did my remaining .5 warm-up/.5 cool-down with my 800s over my lunch break to fit it all in. Felt strong and was happy with those later splits! I did this on the roadway since our track is totally snow-covered.


Tuesday: 6 miles easy on the treadmill @ 9:59 pace


Wednesday: 9 miles; 1.5 mile warm-up @ 9:50; 6 miles @ Marathon Goal Pace 8:35 (actual: 8:20); 1.5 cool-down on the treadmill; 60 minute JumpBoard Reformer Class at Lunch


Thursday: 6 miles easy on the treadmill @ 9:40 pace

Friday: 8 miles easy at 9:59 pace

Saturday: 8 miles easy at 9:53 pace


Sunday: Rest Day

Positive Splits:

  • Hit my paces during my hard workouts
  • Fit in 3 strength training sessions
  • Kept my easy runs at a good recovery pace

Negative Splits:

  • Not enough foam rolling sessions
  • Didn't fit in 3 strength training sessions
  • Wasn't able to get in a Yoga session!

How was your training last week? Get in any good runs outside or stuck on the treadmill too?

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