Tips to run your best while still enjoying the race-cation!

I've traveled to a few different races where they involved planes, taxis, rental cars, shuttles, trams, cancelled flights, buses, snowstorms, etc. and now I kinda feel like I've got some pretty good insight compared to the first time I went to one! Here's some helpful tips to help you run your best race, while also finding time to enjoy the location!

1. Plan your travel plans around the season. For example, I now know that I need to not only book a flight in January in Colorado early in the morning (better chance of it either getting delayed rather than cancelled/ being able to still leave sometime that same day) and only book it out of Denver. Work in the worst-case scenario situations (like a flight getting completely cancelled) and know your other options for getting out. 

2. Write down a rough plan for what day you want to go to the expo and a few sight-seeing items that you want to do. This is really important to plan out if those activities include a lot of walking. In Disney, I knew that the expo takes a lot of walking so I got there 2 days before the race so I could do the expo and one park that day and save my legs the day before the race.

3. Research places to eat and know what works best for you (food-wise) before the race. I know that I have a pretty sensitive stomach when it comes to race-day, but I also know that I perform my best if I eat heavier meals (breakfast/lunch/early afternoon snack) earlier on in the day and a lighter meal for dinner. I don't do too much research about meals after the race or two days prior, but I definitely look at a few menu options the day before my race. I also try to plan ahead and know a few fast-food type options that work well for me. I know that I can eat a Starbucks sausage, egg, and cheese and be totally fine (and these are pretty common where my races are held), so I sometimes will have that the day before my race. 

4. Never schedule a race at the end of your vacation. This MIGHT seem like a no-brainer, but I did this before and will never do it again! You're tired at the end of your vacation, running during vacation is sometimes hard, and your diet normally suffers a bit when you're out of your comfort zones. Plan to arrive a day or two before the race and have a few days afterwards to enjoy everything!

5. Plan almost a total rest day (or even half day) before your race. Lying by the pool is normally my go-to afternoon before a race or doing a bit sight-seeing from the car. It's relaxing, helps you rejuvenate before the big day, and gets you even more excited to do the race and see more of the scenerary where you are!

There you have it! A few tips that I've learned when traveling for races. I hope some of them will help you on your next race-cation!

Happy Father's Day! Hope you are able to either spend time with your loved ones or skype/facetime/chat with them for even a few minutes. Family is everything :) 

Any tips on traveling to a race?

Some go-tos for you while you are on a race-cation?