7 THINGS Tuesday Edition

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s Tuesday. That means that I’ve got a 4 hour lab nice and early and then the afternoon to get some studying done. I have my first exam (already!) next week, so I’ll be beginning prep for that this week. I did NOT sleep well the night after the race mainly because my body was just incredibly stiff and the bed that I’m currently sleeping on (Alex arrives with the rest of our things next week!!!) is not the best. I woke up at 5am and couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m able to go up & down stairs (a bit better than I’ve felt going up/down stairs during some marathons) OK, but the thing that surprised me most about my soreness is my ribs/ back area. It’s funny how we use all sorts of different muscles on those really long runs! Flashback to Saturday morning on the screened-in porch.


Went out for a nice and easy 2 mile run.


Still in awe of how many STEPS I took on Sunday?!?


Iced Coffee the next morning after a race is pure heaven. I really don’t think there is anything better than that.


Still can’t believe how bloody my first loop shoes got. Also the back of my heel looks really really gross right now. So glad it’s flip flop season.


Tried to clean my shoes the best way I could. Ha. I let the washer fill up with detergent and water and then soaked my shoes for a few minutes before dousing them in water and letting them dry outside.


Also played hairstylist on Brady. That was fun for one of us. Don’t worry, I took the clothes pins off right after I took this photo ; )


Have a great shortened week!


How do you clean off your trail shoes? OR do you clean them?

Best thing after a race?


Happy Monday and happy first day of classes to me! I cannot believe how quickly the past few weeks have gone and I’ve already started on the crazy amount of homework I have. All of my readings have been so interesting to me, so no complaints thus far : ) I’m also still day-dreaming about this Brownie Sundae from Flatbreads (if you’re ever in North Conway, NH —> you MUST go here!) that my mom & grandmother & I shared Saturday night. Drool-worthly.


Brady is NOT a fan of me going back to school. He staged a protest yesterday and layed on my books. Good thing I still had many other textbooks to read from ; )


I ran an impromptu trail 5k Saturday morning at Whiteaker Woods in North Conway, NH and somehow ended up getting 3rd female overall?! The course was a bit short (2.8 miles) and the field smallish (30-35 runners?), but still grateful anytime you walk-away with an overall placement : )


I also think that I may have a running shoe problem. I only had my car as the means to transport my stuff (most is coming with Alex in Uhaul in a few weeks), but somehow managed to fit all of these in my car?!? IDK. I guess there are worst problems to have! At least I’ve already used them all since arriving in Maine.


Brady worked on his sink-fitting skills.


And I read up on my 50 miler (SUNDAY!!!) training prep. I’m feeling pretty content with my training and preparation. I started making a packing list and also food list of items I want to bring with me. I’m planning to have it all ready to go by Thursday so I don’t need to pack last-minute.


Also came back across THIS in my ultra training book (Training for Your First Ultra by Krissy Moel) and I will be remembering to spread it like peanut butter through my race.



Anyone racing this next weekend?!? What/ where?! I want the details!

Brownie Sundaes - are you a fan?

Trail 5ks - harder or easier than road 5ks? —> I think they are easier, but I’ve never actually ‘raced’ a road 5k, so I’m just guessing ; )


Last day as a 28 year old!!

THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Saw this article on Runner’s World by Kiera Carter and got SO excited. I’ll continue to plug away at the slow-twitch muscle fibers and believe that the sky is the limit, because that’s basically the point of this article ; )

Even though I don’t leave until Friday for Eugene, my mind is already focusing on all that vacation time. My mom is meeting me in Portland and then we’re driving down to Eugene Saturday morning. We have a tiny house all picked out for Sat & Sun night and then are heading up the coast of Oregon, so hoping for a few nice beach days! Can’t forget to pack my swimsuit!!


Easy Friday night dinner- appetizer platter!  


Just doing my usual taper things- cleaning out the fridge 🤣 


60 degrees out on Saturday called for some ice cream! First one this year 😋 


Sunday morning breakfast & a running rest day.  


Marathon taper + Rest day = extra time to read and sip some coffee ☕️  



Favorite type of ice cream cone?  

Best way to spend a rest day?  

3 things you did this weekend?  


7 THINGS: That Was Fun, Not Very Comfortable?, & I Did A Thing

Well I did it. 28 miles on Saturday. It was amazing, fun, not as challenging as I expected, and really confidence-boosting. I used my car as an “aid station” and broke each segment up into 7 miles. I had 4 different 7 mile out-and-backs that I used (all different directions to keep it fun) and would take a gel when I turned around, change my shoes when I got back to my car, and force myself to eat & drink something before heading back out for the next 7 mile segment. I did 2 pit-stops to pee, but otherwise didn’t stop. It was still relatively flat, but I had gained over 3,000’ the previous 4 days from my runs, so didn’t necessarily want to go crazy with the hills for my run. I’m excited to be almost at the taper! Just a few more high-mileage days left. 20 days until Eugene!


Post- 28 miler deliciousness. Jerk TurkeyLT from Meat & Seafood Company for the win.


Maple did not look very comfortable bird-watching this weekend…or maybe she was? I never know what goes on through our cats minds…


Picked up 2 new books at the library! Super excited for ROAR.


The best dinner after my long run. Sirloin Steak (Meat & Seafood Comp. was having their Anniversary sale and we snagged this baby for $12!), sweet potatoes, and edamame.


Sunday runday in almost SIXTY DEGREE WEATHER?!?


I did a thing too. MS Virtual Run for the start of the 2019 Relay! The medal was SO CUTE too!



-Ever split up a long run into smaller segments to make it seem more manageable?

-Favorite post-long run dinner?

-Weirdest place/position your cat have ever bird watched?


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was eventful on Saturday and then Sunday nice & relaxing. Alex is away in Las Vegas this week, so I’m on full Stella-duty and will be getting most of my runs in the morning because she’s much more comfortable at home rather than spend 2+ hours in the car while I’m running at the gym. I did most of my meal prep yesterday, so I should be able to relax most evenings after work. This is my second-to-last really high mileage week before I taper for Eugene and then for Pinelands 50! I’m excitedly nervous and ready to tackle the weeks ahead.

Let’s flashback to Saturday morning when we woke up, excited to make some fresh coffee and breakfast and found out that poor Stella had gotten sick in several places throughout the entire house (she’s OK! got it out of her system and was perfectly happy by the time we woke up). Sooo we spent the next hour cleaning it up, airing out the house (it had also snowed the night before and was FREEZING outside- i.e. 12* I believe?), and decided that neither one of us could eat in there at the moment. So off to breakfast we went! Freshies Summit Scramble for the win.


Took Stella for a walk on the ice-covered core trail.


Did some spring cleaning and found all of my old skating dresses. That pink one was my absolute favorite. Every time I wore it = I felt incredible and STRONG and bada$$. Hmmm… maybe I should wear it for my race this month?


Brady was NOT helpful when I was trying to put away all of my heavy sweaters and jackets.


A game of life & popcorn while watching March Madness. HOW INCREDIBLE was that UVA vs Purdue game? We had to stay up late and watch.


Sunday Runday! 6.5 miles to round out March in some warmish (28*) temperatures and snow-free roads (FINALLY!).


Brady found his favorite new spot to nap.



-Where is weirdest place your pet naps?

-Any tips for getting stains out of rugs?! We got most of them, but still a bit left and woolite isn’t cutting it.

-Favorite ways to prepare for the week ahead?