Training Tuesday: Lake Powell Half Marathon Recap & 3 Easy Tips For Getting Faster On Your Runs!

Happy Tuesday! My Monday went by so quickly and I have a feeling that it’s going to continue to go faster until Vegas in 20 DAYS?!? How is it even possible that we’re less than 3 weeks until the race and only 2.1 weeks from when I leave?! I LOVE running the Rock ‘n Roll Vegas race - the energy is contagious, the weather has always been spectacular, and there’s just nothing else like it. After my race on Saturday, I’m feeling even more confident going into this race to achieve my goals. I’ve got my second-to-last speedwork session this morning and am so thankful that it’s finally warmer here (compared to last week’s single-digit weather)- 30* feels like a heat wave!

You can check out my race recap for the Lake Powell Half Marathon HERE.


I also wanted to share with you 3 tips that have helped me get faster over the past year or so. These are simple things that I had never really thought about before when I was running (more just for fun/ less than achieving any sort of time goal). I’d also love to hear if YOU have some easy tips that have helped you get faster. Make sure to share them in the comments below!

  1. VARY your training paces. I.E. don’t just run the same paces everyday. Have a day where you run EASY (either keeping heartrate low/ being able to recite the Brady Bunch etc.) and then have one or two days a week where you vary/ play with your speed (whether that’s in tempo runs / speedwork/ surges at the end of an easy run, just try to get faster for a bit and then slow it back down!)

  2. Join a running group/ class/ find a running buddy/ get a coach! I started doing the Running classes at Steamboat Pilates and immediately learned that there was something called speedwork?!? Ha. I had literally NEVER heard of this for us amateur runners out there and got so much faster by incorporating this once a week (it helped me break that sub 2 hour half marathon barrier)!

  3. Try out different training plans to find the one that works for YOU. I tried out Hal Higdon’s for Revel Rockies Marathon one year, Jeff Galloway’s for Disney, and Hanson’s Marathon Method for Vegas last year - it took me awhile to find what worked best FOR ME. Everyone’s different and remembering that maybe getting a coach might be the best option for you instead of following a typical ‘run of the mill’ training plan

Tips for getting faster?!?

Favorite training plan you’ve ever followed?