It's TIME. 50 Miler Training Recap

The time is here! I can’t believe I’m going to be running 50 miles on Sunday?!? I’m really excited and no nerves (yet). My training honestly felt really strong and I’m mentally prepared thanks to my MS Run The US relay last year at this time. It’s supposed to be in the mid 70’s (so a bit warm) and possible thunderstorms later in the day (hopefully I’ll be finished before they start).

Flashback to many, many snowy runs!


I gained so much elevation, continued with strength training three times a week, and somehow ended up with a half marathon PR.


I also snagged a marathon PR


I ran outside as much as possible and climbed as much elevation/ hilly routes as I could possibly find (since there was limited trail access during most of my training).


I had some really mentally tough runs, including some double-digit runs where I was honestly so exhausted. BUT I pushed through them and find more strength within me than I knew I had.


I got to run along the pacific ocean during my training!


I also got to explore some trails before moving back to Maine and beginning the taper!


I ran 858.50 miles this training cycle and gained 42, 579’ in elevation over 25 weeks. I feel strong, prepared, and ready.

I’ve got all of my food ready for my crew. I know I’ve overpacked and they’ll have a lot of stuff that I may want, but I also don’t want to leave anything to chance! I’ve got a few pairs of socks to change and various shoes (I hope to change them each of my three loops since it will be pretty muddy out there). My plan is to also eat something every 30-35 minutes (whether a gel or real food, but I want to try to stick to as much real food as I can).


I picked up my bib today and saw the start/ finish line! So incredibly beautiful out there!


Ready for a day of challenges, running, exploring, meeting new runners, and celebrating all of my training!



Plans for the long weekend?!?

Anyone else racing this weekend? GOOD LUCK!

Eugene/50 Miler Training RUNdown Week 18: 4/22-4/28

I’m having so much fun adventuring along the Oregon coast! It is SO beautiful here.

BUT I’m equally missing these two cuties and can’t wait to give them a good squeeze tomorrow.


I will have my race recap up for you tomorrow and can’t wait to share it all with you (with no details left out ; ) ….). BUT for now, here is last weeks’ RUNdown of what I did leading UP to the marathon. I kept everything the same, except I did one less strength training session and all of my miles did not go above 6 and were all at a very easy pace. I did notice that I had a really challenging time keeping my legs at a slower speed because they were just so excited to RACE! I also felt oddly calm towards the marathon and never really had any sort of pre-race anxiety or nervousness like I usually do.

Monday, 4/22: 6.11 mi EZ 9:53 113’ up , 10 min on the stairclimber (37 floors climbed), & 20 min strength


Tuesday, 4/23: 6.29 for 29th birthday miles easy @ 9:46 131’ up


Wednesday, 4/24: 6.02 miles EZ 9:58 118’ up & 15 min strength


Thursday, 4/25: 6 miles EZ 9:55 339’ & 10 min soak in the hot springs


Friday, 4/26: Flight to Oregon!

Saturday, 4/27: 3.76 miles to shakeout 9:49 pace 6’ up


Sunday, 4/28: Race Day! 26.31 miles 8:47 pace 311’ up


Total Mileage: 54.48 miles

Total Elevation: 1,018’


Eugene/50 Miler Training RUNdown Week 17: 4/15-4/21

Monday, 4/15: 6.04 miles easy 10:51 894’ up, 1.92 miles easy to & from the gym, & strength


Tuesday, 4/16: 7. 5 miles with 1.17 warm-up/ 4 x 1 mile (400 R) @ 8:41, 8:17, 8:15, 8:09 / 1.25 cool down. Originally had 6 x 1 mile repeats, but I took more time to foam roll & stretch in the morning rather than run. Focusing more on warming my body up before putting it through a hard workout.


Wednesday, 4/17: 6.1 miles easy at 9:55 123’ & strength. I brought my ultimate direction backpack, picked up a book from the library, ran to the gym & did some strength, picked up probably 5 Ibs worth of mail, and ran back to work. It was beautiful out there, but my backpack sure was heavy on the way back —> extra cross-training for my 50 miler ; )


Thursday, 4/18: 1.5 mile warmup, 3.03 miles @ goal marathon effort (8:30) - taught skating for 30 minutes - finished up my run with 7 miles @ goal marathon effort (8:30) with some strong headwind in sections (I swear it changed directions on me even when I hit the turnaround point) , 1.57 miles cool down. Felt strong, relaxed, and focused on my form (mainly engaging my core & knee drive UP to the sky) during the run. I didn’t really want to stop running at the end!


Friday, 4/19: 8.15 total miles. Started on one trail and pretty quickly hit super slush. Switched to another trail and got in a bit longer run before I hit slush, so finished it up on the roads. It was so nice to get out on the trails though! 682’ up 10:44 pace


Saturday, 4/20: 8.01 miles easy 10:37 574’ & yoga. I kept wondering what I would do if a Mountain Lion popped out in front of me. I still have no idea what I would do. Also ate a meatball sub & ice cream before this run. It wasn’t nearly as terrible as I anticipated it to be, but will probably not make it a habit of eating that before running. Ha. Some recovery yoga post-run rather than strength because that is what my body was telling me it wanted.


Sunday, 4/21: REST DAY

Total Mileage: 50.72 miles

Total Elevation: 2, 464’ up


Eugene/50 Miler Training RUNdown Week 14: 3/25-3/31

Last week was a recovery week and I’m surprised at how many days it took me to recover from the week before! I think these recovery weeks have been key in insuring that I have time to rest and not get sick. Normally I catch a cold/ sinus infection at least once per cycle, but so far- I have had none! I also focus on sleeping in during these weeks and got up early to run just one day. I still maintain my strength work and really focus on listening to my body - if it’s tired or not feeling speed work, then I just do the mileage as easy miles instead.


Monday, 3/25: 3.43 miles easy at 10:22 13’ up - after work in the sunshine!


Tuesday, 3/26: 1.5 mi warmup / 9 miles tempo (actual - 5.5 miles and my legs felt like jelly. cut it short / .5 mile cool down & extra strength—> i.e. extra wall squats ; )


Wednesday, 3/27: Rest day!


Thursday, 3/28: 6.26 miles easy at 9:58 79’ up & strength


Friday, 3/29: cross training day! 130 stairs climbed & 1/3 mile swim. Followed by soaking in the hot springs


Saturday, 3/30: Rest day! Yoga

Sunday, 3/31: 6.54 miles easy at 9:53 561’ up & strength. Finally felt back to normal on this run and legs felt really good.


Total Mileage: 23.73 miles

Total Elevation: 653’ up

Eugene/50 Miler Training RUNdown Week 13: 3/18-3/24

Happy Humpday! This week is FLYING by. I’m partially happy about that and sad because that means that my recovery week is coming to an end. I got a massage yesterday and WOW did that make a HUGE difference! I’m so glad that I listened to my body and booked one ASAP. Massages & sleep are two of my favorite ways to speed up recovery (and stay injury-free)- along with also increasing my GOOD calories. I’m eating so much lately it’s slightly ridiculous, but I know that food = fuel = less likely to get injured.

Last weeks training went pretty amazing. I was within ~.5 mile of breaking my weekly mileage training high (I peaked for MS Run The US at 67 miles!). I will absolutely cross that barrier during the next two weeks of training and then I’ll do a mini-taper for Eugene (mid 50s for mileage). Then a mini-ramp up again (mid 60s) for my 50 miler before tapering again. My training plan had the next 3 weeks as a big training block, but since I’m wanting to race Eugene I will be cutting one of those weeks out and switching back to Hanson’s Marathon Method for the two weeks leading up to Eugene (my taper). Then I’ll pick back up with the training plan from this book following Eugene (with run/walking for the first week or so to aid in recovery). I’ve done something similar with my MS Run The US training, but using myself as a guinea pig (to hopefully someday become a running coach!).

Fun Fact #01.png

Monday, 3/18: 6.36 miles easy 10:11 328’ RUNch. Ran to the library & back!


Tuesday, 3/19: 12 miles with 1.5 warmup / 9 miles @ goal marathon effort (8:30 today)/ 1.5 miles down & strength


Wednesday, 3/20: yoga to start the day & 6.95 miles easy 9:58 198’ up RUNch miles


Thursday, 3/21: 8 miles. 20 minute warmup / 4 x 6 min uphill (3 min 6% run & 3 min 12% hike) with 3 min recovery / 5 min easy / 3 x 2 min 3% run (90 sec recovery)/ 5 min easy cool down & a tiny bit of strength. I tried to get this done in the morning, but got a mile into my run and was STARVING. So, I took that as a sign and cut the run to get in some good fuel. Had the afternoon free, so got my run in on the treadmill instead.


Friday, 3/22: 10.16 mi easy 10:45 min/mi 169’ up. I struggled with this one. There was so much black ice that I had to cut it after 6 outside (and my plan for my long long run this morning) and then got in the remaining 4 on the treadmill.


Saturday, 3/23: 22 miles easy 11:37 3, 329’ up & strength. This run was on the slower end, but mentally I felt AWESOME. Who else can run 22 miles on their own with insane hills like that?! This run was a HUGE mental boost for my 50 miler because it gains around 5,000’ in elevation so I didn’t have too many more hills left to go to get there (and that’s spread out over 50 miles!). Recovered with some delicious brunch, foam rolling, legs up the wall, and epsom salt bath. Loving Spring Energy as fuel, but I didn’t fuel as much as I really should have for this run (so much weather elements- wind, rain, snow, ice, sun, clouds!)


Sunday, 3/24: Rest day! Yoga.

Total Mileage: 66.47 miles

Total Elevation: 5, 031’ up