Running back-to-back half marathons

Thinking back to when I ran back-to-back half marathons (one was on a Saturday & the other one was the following Sunday), the Emerald Bay Half-Marathon and the Rock 'n Roll Denver Half Marathon. This was the first time that I've ever ran two races so close together and I learned several things that worked and a few things that I would recommend not doing! I ended up PRing at both races, beating my first race PR by a minute and then beating that PR by 4 minutes! 



  • Fuel properly between races (eat healthy, get a good mix of protein/carbs)
  • Get extra sleep that week
  • Drink extra fluids (with electrolytes, not just water)
  • Limit your travel/ time on your feet
  • Add in a few easy runs between races
  • An easy strength training/ yoga session between races to ease stress (only if you normally do this; try nothing new during this time)
  • Foam roll often!
  • Legs up the wall everyday
  • Keep your race expectations in-check. Maybe utilize one as a training/recovery run and the other as a potential PR/hard-effort. Listen to what your body needs.


  • Travel in the car for many hours between races (yeah, we drove back from California after Emerald Bay and then I drove to Denver the next weekend..not the best idea)
  • Eat lots of sugar/ junk food between races
  • Drink excessive coffee
  • Skimp on sleep
  • Run hard between races
  • Not run at all between races
  • Have high expectations for both races! Have FUN!