Las Vegas Half Marathon Training RECAP

Happy Thursday! Hopefully I’ve made it to the Grand Canyon by now (I flew into Vegas yesterday and pre-wrote today & tomorrow’s posts so I could be 100% enjoying our trip) with my Mom & Grandmother. We spent the night in the Grand Canyon last night and are driving back to Las Vegas this afternoon. Expo for the race is TOMORROW! YAY! Let’s recap my 16-week training cycle shall we?

  • I ran 627.89 miles this training cycle.

  • I climbed 30, 764’ in elevation!


  • I paced a 100-miler for 19.41 miles through the middle of the night on the trails here in Steamboat at the Run Rabbit Run


  • I peaked at 46.68 miles in Week # 16


  • I switched from the marathon to the half marathon after week #5, where I started feeling burnt-out from marathon training and wanted a new goal


  • I started out running 3/4 mile repeats at my Half Marathon goal pace (7:42-7:47) on August 28th with splits of: 7:47/ 7:47/ 7:41/ 7:41/ 7:35/ 7:30. I completed my last speed workout with 1 mile at Half Marathon goal pace (7:34), 3 x 1 mile at 10K goal pace (7:22) splits were: 7:14, 7:17, 7:19, 2 x 1/2 mile at 5K goal pace (7:04) splits were: 6:55, 7:11


  • I ran a Half Marathon PR during a workout and placed 3rd in my Age Group (first time ever doing this!!)


  • I ran early in the mornings, in between teaching skating, after work, in the heat, in the rain, overnight.


While it wasn’t the perfect training cycle, I feel like I definitely gained some speed and am excited to test my fitness on Sunday! BRING. IT . ON.

Las Vegas HALF Marathon RUNdown Week 12: 10/1-10/7

Happy Humpday! What do you have on the schedule today? Today’s a rest day for me and I’ve also got a haircut scheduled for this afternoon which makes me giddy like a child going into a candy store (which I also still get really excited for as well). I haven’t had my haircut/ highlighted since June when I cut about 7 inches off so I.can’t.wait. I also go to Comb Goddess here in Steamboat - Erika is amazing. I have so much trouble finding a good hairstylist who stays around town so very thankful that she’s still here!

Last week I switched up my rest days from Sundays to Wednesdays and I kinda really love this new schedule! I normally always use Sundays as my rest days, but it was really nice having a morning during the week off from rushing about from my run to the shower to breakfast to work (and also sleeping in a bit longer too….. ; ) …..). I hit all of my workout paces and had an unbelievably killer (confidence-booster) speed workout on Tuesday- isn’t it always amazing when things come together?!? When my paces started to feel hard, I envisioned the sun directly above my head filling me with positive feelings and energy (something I took from my current Headspace meditation pack). —> it REALLY helped!


Also, sorry I’m not sorry for all the watch + ring pictures. I just had to.

Monday, 10/1: 5.85 miles easy @ 10:16 340’ up / 60 minute Jumpboard Reformer pilates class during lunch. I’m working on slowing down on my easy runs even more to really push harder on my workout days.


Tuesday, 10/2: 7 miles. 78’ up. I did this workout almost ENTIRELY on feel. I looked at my watch only small glances and I’m SO happy about that. After all —> finding goal race pace should be done on feel anyways, right?

1 mile warm-up @ 10:24

2 miles @ 7:37

3 min rest

1 mile @ 7:21

3 min rest

1 mile @ 7:19

3 min rest

1/2 mile @ 7:06

2 min rest

1/2 mile @ 7:01

2 min rest

1 mile cool down @ 9:55


Wednesday, 10/3: REST DAY. Hot Cocoa & Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow Peanut Butter Cup. Oh yes, definitely #restdaybrags


Thursday, 10/4: 6 mile progression run 113’ up with 6 x :45 strides at the end. Pace splits: 10:20 / 9:57 / 9:40 / 9:17 / 8:56 / 8:35. 6.74 miles and 20 minutes of strength / recovery yoga. I wanted to get this run done with in the morning, but when I made it to the trailhead there was crazy amounts of lightning so I turned around and tried again later in the afternoon after work around 6pm (not ideal, but I got it done)


Friday, 10/5: 7.02 miles easy @ 9:53 73’ up. I didn’t go quite as slow as I would have liked, but it was pouring rain this afternoon and I was also a bit crunched for time so this is what I got. I also slept through my THREE alarms so Friday afternoon run it was.


Saturday, 10/6: 14.1 miles @ 9:36 880’ up & 20 minutes of strength. Super pumped with my overall pace (I slowed myself down in some parts), but I definitely overdressed during my run (so had to stop to shed some layers around mile 10).I gained quite a bit of elevation as well so that was a confidence booster (especially when running on trails!)

VERY upset that I’m doing my strength instead of throwing her squeaky toy again. I’m SUCH A BAD DOGGY MOMMY.

VERY upset that I’m doing my strength instead of throwing her squeaky toy again. I’m SUCH A BAD DOGGY MOMMY.


Sunday, 10/7: 5.15 easy recovery miles @ 10:20 on the treadmill. Wasn’t really wanting to add in too much more elevation gain so I just hopped on the treadmill at home and zoned-out watching This Is Us. Kept the pace really easy which was perfect.

Total Mileage: 45.86 miles

Total Elevation: 1, 504’ up

Las Vegas HALF Marathon RUNdown Week 11: 9/24-9/30

This last week of training didn’t go really well, but sometimes we just have off weeks! This was definitely an off week. I ended up getting some sort of stomach bug and a headcold at the same time, so I didn’t get in my speedwork, surges, and less than great tempo miles in my long run. Oh well, this is a NEW week and I’m ready to crush ALL of my goals!

Monday, 9/24: 7 miles easy @ 9:38 298’ up / Barre at lunch


Tuesday, 9/25: 6 miles easy @ 9:56 376’ up


Wednesday, 9/26: Planned for 3 x 1 mile goal half marathon pace with 1/4 mi easy & 2 x 1/2 mile @ 10k pace with 1/4 mi easy. Actual: 1 mile warm-up, 1 x 1 mile goal half marathon pace 1/4 R, 2 x 1/2 mile @ goal half marathon pace with 1/4 R, 1 mile cool down. 4 miles total with 30 minutes of strength

Maple is much cuter than a sweaty post fail of workout photo!

Maple is much cuter than a sweaty post fail of workout photo!

Thursday, 9/27: 6.02 miles easy @ 9:57 317’ up


Friday, 9/28: 4.5 miles easy @ 10:00 32’ up


Saturday, 9/29: REST DAY

Sunday, 9/30: 6 miles easy, 5.12 miles @ goal half marathon pace (adjusted it to ~8:10 pace), skipped the 2 miles easy cool down. 11.12 miles total

Pretty terrible at taking photos last week, so here’s a cute photo of our engagement celebration dinner at Cafe Diva!

Pretty terrible at taking photos last week, so here’s a cute photo of our engagement celebration dinner at Cafe Diva!

Total Mileage: 38.64 miles

Total Elevation: 1, 023’ up