Catching Up & I'm Feeling *TWITCHY*

Happy Friday-eve! I hope you have some fun plans this weekend!! I'm traveling solo down to Copper tomorrow afternoon. My 50k begins at 7am Saturday morning! I cannot believe that it's already HERE! Also, I'm excited to start getting back into the swing of things as far as a training plan/ schedule/ looking forward to Fall adventures (is it OK to look forward to Fall/ cooler weather when we're still in the midst of Summer?!?...maybe I just jinxed us and winter weather will be unusually terrible this year)! I'll post my goals for the 50k tomorrow, so make sure to check back!

I've been packing for my race/ putting together a playlist/ updating my garmin/ will be getting my race day nails ready tonight! What are your race day necessities?!? Alex is backpacking with the boys this weekend and taking Stella, so I'm honestly super looking forward to Sunday morning (I'll drive back home Saturday after the race) when I don't need to worry about taking Stella out super early and can literally sleep the entire morning away (if I want). I have NO IDEA how I'll be feeling after my race (thinking super sore, but who knows), so I've scheduled next week to either include all rest days/ a few rest days just depends on what my body needs! 

I'm also feeling pretty twitchy this week. My runs feel a bit stiff and I've really had to hold back on my paces --> this is my nice little sweet twitchy spot that lets me know I'm ready to RACE! When my legs want to go fast and my body feels a bit tight --> race-ready!

Sunrise views from my run yesterday morning!

Sunrise views from my run yesterday morning!

Alright, so I've been feeling just ugh lately. I'm not sure if it's a delayed post- MS Run The US blues, raging hormones that won't go away for weeks, or just stressed/bored/ etc.? I've felt bloaty for weeks and just a bit blue. I know I've gained back some of the weight I lost during my relay week (which was good because honestly I was too thin by day 7) so that could be contributing to the bloaty feeling, but I've also had no real desire to eat healthy foods (normally I always do) so I'm eating more sugary things and also just running way less so I have no real outlet to relieve my stress/anxiety and have more time on my hands to do...something? IDK. Maybe I need a new hobby? I'm trying to add in more yoga and meditation into my life, but they haven't really left me feeling "full" and "complete" as they normally do.  

I'm trying to be less strict with myself on following a training plan/ diet because I know taking a break is good, but honestly I feel like it's gotten me down into a rabbit hole of sorts. Maybe I'm just one of those people who needs structure in their life, but all I really know is that I'm so looking forward to training for the Vegas Marathon after this 50k and having some real scheduled things again.

Maybe this is TMI or maybe you've struggled with something similar when transitioning from one goal to the next? Any thoughts/ recommendations/ insights?

How do you know you're "race ready"??