Tips for getting through those long runs

Long runs. We sometimes love 'em and sometimes hate 'em. I used to really reallly dislike them. I would actually stress myself out over the fact that I had a long run to do this week, until I found a few ways to make the mileage seem less daunting. Surprisingly, I actually wake up EARLY on my long run days so excited to cover the distance. 

  • Break up the mileage into something more reasonable. For me, 2.5 miles seems really manageable. So I would do the same 2.5 mile stretch out-and-back several times. It could seem boring, but it was actually really nice to know that after 5 miles I would be back at my car and able to switch up my gear (if needed) or grab some fuel or reassess. Having a route that you're confident with and shorter makes it both safer and easier to concur. 


  • Tell yourself it's only 'x' amount of miles 'x' amount of times. I know that 5 miles for me seems like a piece of cake during marathon training or 3 miles during half marathon training is do-able. If I'm running 15 miles that day, I'll just keep repeating to myself that it's just 5 mile stretches repeated 3 times or if I have 9 miles on the schedule, it's just 3 mile stretches repeated 3 times. Use that marker after each stretch to reset your mind and just focus on that shorter mileage. 


  • Do your run both indoors and outdoors. I did this when I was training for my downhill run because I needed to alter my elevation profile to mimic the long downhill stretches of the race. I would begin my run outside for a few miles, hop on the treadmill inside, then finish it up outside for the final few miles. It gives your mind a break and something to look forward to on the various profile changes. 


  • Try a loop trail. Loops are a great way for longer runs to seem less monotonous. You'll get to see a lot of various scenary before you hit your starting spot and do it all again. I would do a 3 mile loop and see different things every time I went by (or see the same things/ people and use that as a reassurance). 


  • Vary your paces. Having a plan for your long run days are a must (at least for me)- you have a plan for race day, so why shouldn't you practice the same for long runs?! When I get really bored or tired (especially on the treadmill), I like to play with my paces. I'll run at a faster pace and try to hold it for several minutes then drop the pace back down. I may also throw in a faster finish (say, around goal pace), to make those miles fly by and also seem more challenging. 

Enjoy those long runs! I know when I'm not training for something, I really crave a good long run (sometimes). 

What techniques do you use to get through a long run?

Long weekend fun!

Hellloooo Tuesday! Going back to work after a long weekend is SO tough. Luckily, my weekend included lots of rest, relaxation, and running. Friday (rest day for me) started off with a lunch date with my person at our favorite spot (Winonas - a MUST if you are ever in Steamboat) for some buffalo chicken salads!

Then we made homemade pizza for dinner (perfect for carbo-loading for my long run in the morning) and it was amazing! Forgot to take a picture (I think I devoured it too quickly ;) ).

Saturday morning I woke up at 4:45 to get my 16 miles in and it was pouring out. I started with 6 easy outside then headed on the treadmill for 7 at just under marathon goal pace (8:57 with some downhill training) and finished it up with 3 outside (in-between showers finally). 

Since it was a total wash of a day, we relaxed at home (luckily there was a Harry Potter marathon on and we mayyyy have watched 2 or 3 of them!). I made the most AMAZING lasagna from Run Fast, Eat Slow and even made homemade marinara sauce (definitely a game-changer; also added in a parmesan rind that I had lying around and it made the sauce extra cheesy). 

On Sunday, the weather finally felt like Spring (mid-60s) and we headed out to camp! We half-expected to arrive to the campsite (about 30 minutes away from home) and for it to be full because of the Holiday weekend, but only 2 of the 11 sites were filled (and stayed that way the entire night)!

I got in a 3-mile run between leaving our place before Alex left in the car (got in 1.15 miles with Stella) until he picked us up on our way out there and then finished up my run after we set-up our site. It was SO peaceful out there!

We did a short hike out Teepee Creek and ended up hitting snow (I wish more trails were dry)! The part that we did hike was beautiful and with no one else around- so serene. 

Since it's still mud-season here, Stella's paws turned into a dark brown mess. Luckily, she found a snow pile to plop down and cool-off in!

I think one of my favorite parts of camping has to be how good food tastes out here! We had some chopped up corn on the cob and sausage for dinner and had to follow that up with smores! They were soooo good. I'm cutting out sugar now until after my race in 12 days and can't wait until I can have another smore. 

The temperatures Sunday night dropped down into the low 30's and it was COLD! I think I wore my hat all night and luckily had mittens on the next morning until it started warming up.

We got home early Monday morning and after cleaning for a bit (Alex's dad is visiting this coming weekend, so we had to clean everything and make sure his room was good to go), I headed out to get a run and strength training session in. 

One sneaker on, one sneaker off- it's how I do.

One sneaker on, one sneaker off- it's how I do.

I did an easy 3 miles (the taper is kinda really nice in the beginning) then 25 minutes of a full-body strength session before grabbing some flowers and running a few other errands in town. 

I got straight to gardening when I got home (first ever garden by myself #adulting) and added in some rocks that we got on our hike Sunday! Hopefully, they stay alive for most of the summer....

I need to add-in a few more rocks when I find them, but I think it looks pretty cute! 

For dinner, I made Paleomg's Bacon Chorizo Chipotle Smothered Meatloaf (one of Alex's favorite meals) and it was amazing!

That's my long weekend recap! Now back to work and looking forward to next weekend already :)

Do you normally like to get your long runs done in one shot or break them up?

Favorite home-cooked meal?

Ever tried making your own marinara sauce? What are some things you like to add in it?