Goodbye 2018 & What I'm Most Looking Forward To In 2019!

Happy New Year! Did you stay up all night? We always make it to 12am EST (so 10pm our time) and then go to bed! We did celebrate with some pulled pork rice bowls for dinner and popcorn and some fresh baked cookies, but that’s about as crazy as it got around here. I also had the day off from teaching skiing yesterday (yay for first day off since Christmas Day!) and got to rearrange/ redecorate my ‘gym/office’!


ALSO I had the best chef’s salad on Saturday from Gondola Joe’s (located at the base of the ski resort) between teaching lessons. So amazing- definitely check it out if you come ski here!


I also celebrated yesterday with lots of kitty cuddles first thing in the morning. Heated blanket + coffee + kitties= purrrfect morning (see what I did there? ; ) …).


Looking back on my 2018 goals, I had a pretty great year!

  • I ran a new marathon & 1/2 PR

  • Raised $10,000 for MS

  • Became an ultramarathoner

  • Decluttered a lot of the spaces in our home

  • Checked off one new race state

  • Visited One New National Park

  • While the beginning of the year I had trouble spending money on only needs, not wants- I feel like I did a much better job of it in Fall of this year

  • I began crocheting again!

  • I made two recipes from scratch

  • I mostly incorporated yoga 1x/ week (sometimes I missed it, but overall much better than previous years!)

  • Began journaling once a week!


Here are my 2019 goals!

  • Work on owning my accomplishments and following my gut more. I really want to own everything that I’ve done thus far and to question myself less.

  • BQ the marathon

  • Run a sub 1:40 half marathon

  • Run a 50 miler

  • Save $5,000-$10,000

  • Continue to purchase needs, not wants

  • Crochet a blanket

  • Run in one new race state

  • Pay off one student loan

  • Practice gratitude


What are your 2019 goals?

How did you celebrate the New Year?!?