Checking In On Your New Years Resolutions

Happy Thursday friends! We are SO close to Friday, you can do it! ALSO Happy February! Goodbye January (or the Monday of months...haha).


I've got three random thoughts popping in my head right now: 1. I really love tuna fish sandwiches. Gosh, they are super delicious. 2. I'm really thankful for cheese sticks 3. I wish I could work in electric heated gloves because my hands are ALWAYS cold. 


I'm also really happy that the days are starting to get longer again and it isn't pitch black outside at 5pm. I always find it SO much harder to get anything done when it gets dark outside at night. 

Even though it's Thursday (and should be travel Thursday), I wanted to check in on MY New Years Resolutions (I've set one date each month where I check in on them) and see how you're doing with yours. I never hold myself to too much of a standard to hitting my goals, but I really want to bring things into my life that are valuable and improve it! So, I'm checking in to see things I've started and things I still need to work on:

  • New Years Resolutions going well:
    • De-cluttering (I've de-cluttered two areas of our kitchen and slowly working on way around the house)
    • Journal 3 times a week (I've just been doing my training journal, but I think anything counts!)
    • Finished one book and almost done with book #2!
  • New Years Resolutions that need some TLC:
    • earn how to crochet
    • Put together a fundraiser for MS Run The US by April 2018
    • Add in yoga weekly
    • Pay off one student loan


I LOVE the idea of checking in on  my goals because I think we sometimes lose focus of them and forget what our goals even were. And IF we're off track, checking in helps get us back on track.

What are your new years resolutions? How are they going? What have you totally rocked during the month of January? What maybe needs a bit more TLC?