Travel Thursday- Where I WANT to go!

Happy Thursday! Switching it up on Travel Thursday for the month of January because this month seems to drag ON and I love to daydream about all the fantastic places that I want visit. 1 more day until the weekend. Yes! This weekend is also the first where I don't have to teach skiing, so that is definitely a win in my books. Not sure exactly what we will be doing, but hopefully getting out of town (even if just for the day)...I need a change of scenery and something to get me out of the post-Holiday blues funk. 

On my bucket-list to visit: Seattle

I know...I know... you are probably thinking Seattle?!? Maybe it's my serious love for Greys Anatomy or maybe it's because it is the farthest possible distance from where I grew up (Maine), but I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest! 

I really want to visit Pike Place Market and see all of the amazing fresh foods available. It looks so incredible to me and being able to travel to get something fresh to cook that night is so appealing to me. 


The space needle is also at the top of my list, as it is both iconic and will give you some of the best views of the city (and Pacific Ocean)!


The gum wall doesn't look all that amazing, but if I'm going to Seattle then I feel like I should probably visit this attraction.


Seattle Great Wheel is also something that I've seen many photos of, but I believe seeing it in person would be absolutely incredible. 


Last, but not least is taking the Seattle to Victoria ferry! I've been on a few ferries and each time the experience has been amazing and I'm sure this one would not disappoint.


Where is somewhere you definitely want to travel?

Ever been to Seattle? What's on your bucketlist to see and do?

Happy Friday-Eve! I hope you have something fun planned this weekend! Tomorrow morning will be my long run of 10 miles and then I'll have just an easy 6 planned for Saturday (rest day on Sunday).