Happy Monday and happy first day of classes to me! I cannot believe how quickly the past few weeks have gone and I’ve already started on the crazy amount of homework I have. All of my readings have been so interesting to me, so no complaints thus far : ) I’m also still day-dreaming about this Brownie Sundae from Flatbreads (if you’re ever in North Conway, NH —> you MUST go here!) that my mom & grandmother & I shared Saturday night. Drool-worthly.


Brady is NOT a fan of me going back to school. He staged a protest yesterday and layed on my books. Good thing I still had many other textbooks to read from ; )


I ran an impromptu trail 5k Saturday morning at Whiteaker Woods in North Conway, NH and somehow ended up getting 3rd female overall?! The course was a bit short (2.8 miles) and the field smallish (30-35 runners?), but still grateful anytime you walk-away with an overall placement : )


I also think that I may have a running shoe problem. I only had my car as the means to transport my stuff (most is coming with Alex in Uhaul in a few weeks), but somehow managed to fit all of these in my car?!? IDK. I guess there are worst problems to have! At least I’ve already used them all since arriving in Maine.


Brady worked on his sink-fitting skills.


And I read up on my 50 miler (SUNDAY!!!) training prep. I’m feeling pretty content with my training and preparation. I started making a packing list and also food list of items I want to bring with me. I’m planning to have it all ready to go by Thursday so I don’t need to pack last-minute.


Also came back across THIS in my ultra training book (Training for Your First Ultra by Krissy Moel) and I will be remembering to spread it like peanut butter through my race.



Anyone racing this next weekend?!? What/ where?! I want the details!

Brownie Sundaes - are you a fan?

Trail 5ks - harder or easier than road 5ks? —> I think they are easier, but I’ve never actually ‘raced’ a road 5k, so I’m just guessing ; )

Time For A Change 😍

Still here, still running, but we are MOVING to Maine! Aka I left Colorado on Saturday with my mom and the cats. Alex will be driving to Maine with Stella at the beginning of June. I didn’t really share the moving news with too many people, mainly because I hate to say goodbye! Also because I’m sure we’ll be back to visit Steamboat & Colorado often. We’ve been driving around 8-9 hours since Saturday and will arrive in Maine tomorrow night! 

Stopped for a break & they aren’t so sure about Ohio... 

Stopped for a break & they aren’t so sure about Ohio... 

It’s been a really stressful few weeks/ months and I’m so excited for this new chapter. I want to put everything together for a nice blog post, but it may not be until the end of the week when the internet is set-up at our new house! 

Goodbye for now, Colorado! You are beautiful! 

Goodbye for now, Colorado! You are beautiful! 

So, here’s the shortened-down story for now. I’m going back to school at University of Southern Maine in Portland to get my nursing degree! I’ve always had a strong passion to go into healthcare since Middle School? And so so excited to finally be making that big-scary-career-changing jump. It has NOT been an easy decision OR easy journey to get here NOR will it be easy moving forwards, but what in life IS easy that is also equally REWARDING? 


 -Ever made a ‘Big Move’?!  

-Anyone live in ME or Eastern NH!?! Let me know! Can’t wait to find a running tribe  here