I DID IT and How I Log All These Miles?!?

Wohooo! Marathon #7 was a success! 1 minute PR despite stomach cramps that came on around mile 14 & not being able to take another one for the remainder of the race!


I’ll have a more detailed update for you later this week, but my mom and I are enjoying exploring Oregon the next few days : )



"Disclaimer: I will be receiving a Strava Summit Membership as I review Strava as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!"

I thought it would be fun to share with you one of the ways that I keep track of all my runs, mileage, and elevation gain—> Strava! I’ve just started using this platform a few weeks ago and LOVE the simplicity of it. I don’t need to type anything in, hit record, or hit save other than have it already linked up to my Garmin (I have the Forerunner 235 & LOVE it). It gives me the option to set goals for myself for the week, upload photos, and connect with other runners from all over the U.S.!


If you’re maybe the one to be motivated by challenges (AND want to be held accountable for them), they have those too! You have to do your activity outdoors for it to count, which is perfect for those Spring/Summer/Fall months when you’re not confined indoors.


Also they have CLUBS you can join. I’m still finding new ones all the time, but some of my favorites include a local Steamboat Springs Trail Running club, Honey Stinger, BibRave, Nuun, and Strava itself!


Make sure to follow me along on Strava, so we can give each other kudos and motivate others to get active outdoors everyday!


-Are you on Strava?

-Anyone else run a race this weekend?!? How’d it go??

-Any tips/recommendations for us to eat in the Portland area? We’re driving around the state a bit, then will be back there later this week!

Running Community, DENIED, & They Have Returned

FRIDAY EVE!!!! Well. These have returned.


We got some snow yesterday. Nothing like the 4-8” they were predicting, but still. It’s APRIL 10th!


I also tried to switch-up my schedule yesterday morning and read at the kitchen table. I don’t think Brady approved.


Disclaimer: I received an annual Strava Summit subscription and Strava merchandise as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I’m also NEW ON STRAVA! Yes, I know. It’s been around for a million years and HOW did it take me so long. Well, I suppose I can put it into perspective and I never even got a Facebook Account until I was graduating High School (does this make me seem young or old? I’m not sure.) in 2008! You can find me here. So far, I’m finding it super motivating to find other runners on there!


As the super competitive person that I am, I also love how you can see your stats (hello, I’m also a data-nerd) and compete with other members in the clubs that you join!


You can also join RACE GROUP clubs like the NEDD Mt. Washington Road Race. How cool is that be able to follow along on others journeys as you train for the same race?


It’s super easy to either start the recording for your activity (running, biking, walking, hiking, canoeing, OR e-bike riding) OR manually put in your information after your workout (like I did yesterday afternoon after my tempo treadmill miles)! You can also give others kudos, which how cool is that?!? It’s basically like having a ‘virtual cheerleader’ with you pushing you along on your activity! I think it will be fun to track my data over time and to be able to see all the stats that the app provides (charts, elevation, maps, etc.).


ALSO can you PLEASE help me on what I should get for my birthday gift?!? I have about a million items in my shopping cart !



-Are you on Strava? Let’s be friends!

-What should I order as my ‘birthday bird’ item?!?

-What’s the weather where you are?

-Fan of the Bean Boots?